Saturday, July 25, 2020

Life Gives You Lemons

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is trying to have a nice summer, even though we all can't do what we normal can during the summer time. I know me personal I love to go to the beach during the summer, but it's not really safe right know to go. Anyways today we will be creating a lemon nail design, that is great for summer time or even spring.

lemon nail design
Lemon Nail Design

Here are the polishes and tool used to create this lemon nail design:

Base and top coat- CND Stickey Base Coat and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Polishes- Sally Hansen- Triple Shine- Lemon Shark, Milani- Quick Teal, and Essie- Coconut Cove.

Acrylic paint- white, green,and yellow.

Nail art brushes- thin detail brush and a thin stripper brush.

Other- small cup of water to clean off your nail art brushes.

Lemon nail design
Lemon Nail Design

Apply base coat.

Let that dry.

Thumb- Yellow
Index and pinky- Teal
Middle and ring- an off white or just a white.

Let that dry.

Lemon nail design
Lemon Nail Design

Small lemons on middle and ring finger nail

For the small lemons, take a small detail brush with yellow paint on it and make a few ovals or football shapes on the nails, and some of the lemons you can make just half of them on the sides of the nail. You will need to go over your lemons a few time to be opqaue.

For the leaves take that same brush with green paint on it and make two small thick lines on your lemons for the leaves. Then makes some random leaf shapes on some of the blank spots around the nail.

For the final touch to your lemons add three small dot on the top part of the lemons.
Lemon nail design
Lemon Nail Design

Lemon slice on the thumb nail

Next we will create a lemon slice on the thumb nail. Take a thin stripper brush with white paint on it and make a half circle on the side of the nail, make sure to make this line thick.

Then we will make slices in the lemon, once again take that same stripper brush with white paint on it and make three thick lines for your slices.

Lastly for a small detail make a few small lines coming from the sides of your lemon.  

Lemon nail design
Lemon Nail Design

Once you have your lemon nail design the way you like, apply a top coat to seal in your design and to help it to last.

Hope all of you enjoined this lemon nail design!

See you next time for more nail fun!


  1. That is amazing. Loving the blue too and your thumb gets the big thumbs up :-D