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Hello fellow nail polish lovers! Welcome to Munchkin's Magnificent Mani's. This blog is meant to showcase nail art/ step by step nail tutorials, polish and product reviews. 

I am original self taught in nails, from nail care to nail design. I recently decided to become a professional nail technician and I have received my nail technician licensed.      

For many years I have had a passion for creating things from drawing cartoons, creating animations, and digital media. ( A little back ground info about me, I studied Digital Media in college and I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree). Along with these creative passions, their has also been another creative passion that I have enjoyed as well. That of course is polishing my nails and creating fun nail art. 

For many years (from Elementary to Middle school) I bit my nails very badly, then when I got to High school I stopped that bad habit, and my nails grew to be very long (I went from one extreme to another.)
For about a year I started to do nail designs and post them to my Facebook, many people have said that I am pretty good at doing nails, so then I started to ponder a way that I could show my nail designs. That's when I decided what better way then to start a blog, that way other people that also have this same passion could see my designs as well. Then later as stated above I decided to become a Nail Technician.    
  Hope everyone enjoys the M.M.M nail blog !

* Just a side note: As of February 2016, I am in training to become a professional nail technician. Any post before that is based on being self taught and practicing on my own, the way I paint and take care of my nails was just the way I did them. Now I will be learning the correct way of taking care of nails.   

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