Friday, January 27, 2017

Lilo Be A Model Citizen- Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection

Aloha or Hello Everyone! Today we will be continuing the review of the Glam Polish Experiment 626 collection. Last week we reviewed I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair and Hawaiian Rollercoaster ride (if you missed that post don't for get to check that one out as well). Today we have two more of the nine polishes that we will be reviewing.

Glam Polish- Experiment 626 Collection; Lilo, You Lolo and Model Citizen  
Glam Polish- Experiment 626 Collection; Lilo, You Lolo and Model Citizen 

Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection, Lilo You Lolo 
Lilo, You Lolo

Let's start off with Lilo, You Lolo, This polish has a rose gold base (which makes it kind of look like sand) with lots and lots of glitter! Their is bright pink, red, white and holo glitter pieces in this polish. This polish is truly a glitter bomb with a lot of different colors and shapes of glitter, which really makes this polish very unique and cool. Due to all the glitter in this polish it does make it textured (which I don't mind.)  

This polish applied in two coats and for me a very thin third coat because near the tips of my nails it look a little patchy, but you could easily get away with two coats. Now you may wonder due to all of the glitter and it being textured would this be hard to apply? Surprisingly no, this polish went on very smooth and was not hard to apply at all.

Harlow and Co- Glam Polish- Lilo You Lolo $11.40 USD

Glam Lilo You Lolo  $11.50 USD
Directly from Glam Polishes website in Australia 

Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection, Lilo You Lolo 
 Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection, Lilo You Lolo
   Lilo, You Lolo

The name Lilo, You Lolo was from the scene when Lilo beat- up Mertle for saying she was crazy for feeding Pudge the fish a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because Pudge controls the weather. The word Lolo is Hawaiian for crazy.     

Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection, Model Citizen  
 Model Citizen 

Now on to Model Citizen, this is a blue toned grey, crelly holographic polish, with different size holo glitter pieces and very small blue pieces of glitter, that you can barely see you have to look very close to see the blue glitter pieces on the nail. If you just look at the bottle you can't really see the small blue glitter, it's that small.  

This polish was a little on the thick side for me, the formula of this polish was a lot like I'm sorry I bit you and pulled you hair. Model Citizen applied in two coats, this polish did not have a textured fell to it for me, it felt smooth once it had dried (obviously you don't want to touch a polish while it is still wet to see if it is textured or not.

Sadly when I went to type up this post, on Harlow and Co's website this polish is Sold Out (Sadness) and I am unsure if they will get more of this polish because this is a Limited Edition, but if you want to purchase this you can still be on the look out for it on Harlow and co website and maybe it will come back or you can purchase it directly from Glam Polish website.

Here is the link to Glam Polishes direct website  

 Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection, Model Citizen
  Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection, Model Citizen
 Model Citizen 

The name Model Citizen comes from the scene when Lilo's social worker Cobber Bubbles comes to Nani and Lilo's house to check on how things are going, with Lilo and her new "dog" and tell Nani she need to have a job and that Stitch need to be a model citizen. Stitch not knowing any better throws a book at Cobber Bubbles head. Then Lilo later on tries to make Stitch a Model Citizen by using Elvis as a example, this does not end to well for the both of them. 

Hope all of you enjoyed more of the Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection, their will be two more polishes to come next week. 

If you missed last week review of I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair, and Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride, don't forget to check out that post as well.

See you next week for more nail fun!  

Friday, January 20, 2017

Sorry I bit you & Hawaiian Rollercoaster- Experiment 626 collection

Hello everyone! I have a collection that I am super excited to share with all of you, the Glam Polish Experiment 626 collection! This collection I recently stumbled across on Glam Polish and Harlow & Co.'s Facebook page around December 2016, this collection actually came out October 2016 (why I was just finding out about this collection?) If you have been following/ checking out this blog for a while then you know I love the movie Lilo & Stitch and that I just had to have this collection. Lucky it was around Christmas time, so I asked my hubby if he could get me this collection for Christmas, which he did (Yay!)  

Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection     
For this post I will be review the polishes for the collection, but I will be do it a little bit different. Most nail polish bloggers swatch the whole collection at once (they polish their nails with one polish, take the pic, remove, then on to the next polish) as for me I like to where the polishes all week and truly enjoy them

Their are nine polishes in this collection, so I will be wearing two at a time (the last one just that one polish) and I will review/ go over two of the polishes at a time. I know this will take a while to do, but I thought this would be a different and fun way of reviewing these polishes for all of you. Then the final polish/ post I will give my final thoughts on this collection. 

Also this is the first time that I have tried any polishes from Glam Polish. Glam Polish is an Australian indie brand, where all of their polishes are hand mixed.  

Anyways let's get into these polishes!

 I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair...
 Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection- I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair...

All of these polishes in this collection have interesting names, they are based on sayings in the movie or names, which is cool. If you are anything like me then you have watched this movie a million time and know exactly where in the movie/ what scene each of these polish names came from. That why in the collage above I induced a picture from the movie that is based on the polish name. 

The first polish that I will be sharing with you is I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair... yes this is a long name for a polish! This polish is a light coral pink holographic polish, with some gold shimmer in it. This polish took me two coat to be fully opaque, it might cover in one but I just wanted to make sure, so I added a second coat. Before I added a top coat this polish was a little dull on the nails, but look shinny and better with a top coat. Also the formula was a little thick.  

Glam I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair $11.50 US (Directly from Glam Polish in Australia.) 

  I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair...
 I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair... 
  I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair...

The name I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair... was from the scene when Lilo and Mertle got into a fight during hula practice because Mertle called Lilo crazy for feeding a fish a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She later comes across Mertle and her other friends and says sorry. Lilo is such a nice person, even though Mertle didn't except her apology

 Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride
  Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection- Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride 

The next polish is Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride. This polish is teal/ ocean green with scattered holographic, glass flecks and large and small size holo glitters in it. This polish reminds me of the ocean and one of the many colors of it. This polish took two coats to be opaque, this polish is very glittery but still seem to apply very smooth. The formula was a little on the thin/ sheer side.      

Glam Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride $11.50 (Directly from Glam Polish in Australia.) 
 Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride
 Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride 

The name of this polish Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride was from the scene when Lilo, Nani, David and Stitch decided to spend a day at the beach and go swimming, build sand castles, and go surfing. Stitch was scared to go surfing at first because he doesn't know how to swim, but then later deiced to go surfing with Lilo and Nani. Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride was also the name of the song that was playing while they where surfing.     

Hope all of you enjoyed the review of these two polishes so far, stay tuned for the rest of this collection coming in the next weeks. Next week we will be review two more polishes from this collection and more to come.

See you next time for more nail fun! Well more of the Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection!   

Friday, January 13, 2017

Let's Build a Snowman- Snowman Nail Design

Hello everyone! Today on the blog we are going to build a snowman! Not out of actually snow, we are going to paint a snowman and some snowflakes on our nails. This design may seem a little Christmas like, but I thought I could just make it a winter design and that seem to work out with then polish color that I picked out.

Snowman and Snowflake Nail design

Here are the polishes and nail art tools used for this snowman design:


Base and Top coat - CND Stickey Base Coat and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Nail polishes- Zoya Enchanted- Saint, Zoya- Urban Grunge- Alicia, and Funky Fingers- glow in the dark- #Boo2U.

Acrylic paint- white, black, blue, red, yellow ( red and yellow to make orange.) 

Nail art tools- thin detail brush, striper brush, and a small dotting tool.

Other- a small glass jar or cup with water in it to clean up nail art brushes.

 Let's build a snowman!       

Snowman Nail design 
Snowman design on thumb nail

As always start off with a thin layer of base coat, to protect your nails and to help your winter design/ manicure last.

On all of you nails polish them with a periwinkle blue (I used Zoya's Saint).

*For this design we will be creating it on three of the nails; the thumb, middle and ring nail, the index and pinky will just have the periwinkle color on them. 

Once that has dried, on the thumb on the tip of the nail, polish that with a silver holographic polish (I used Zoya's Alicia) this will be the snow that the snowman will be sitting on. 

On your middle and ring finger nail you can polish that with one coat of a glitter polish, to kind of give a subtle snow look to the nails. (I used Funky Fingers- #Boo2U, which is a glow in the dark light blue glitter polish.)

As we wait for that to dry we can make our snowman on the thumb nail. I personally like to make the more detailed or a accent design on the thumb because their is more space then on the ring finger nail.  

Anyways with white acrylic paint make two snow balls, that are stacked on top of each other. Then make two small arms on the side of the snow man.

* For this next step you will need to mix at lest three different shades of blue, a dark (the original blue that you have), medium, and a light blue.  

Next with your dark blue make a scruff around your snowman's neck, you can go over this with the medium blue as well.

For the snowman I did jump around a bit, so the next step would be making two black buttons with a small dotting tool.

For his face with that same dotting tool and some black paint make two eyes. 
Then with some orange paint (if you don't have any mix red and yellow together) make a small carrot nose.

With your thin detail brush make a smile, to complete your cute snowman's face.

Next we need to make his warm, soft hat. With your thin detail brush and a stippling motion, paint the fuzzy part of his hat. For this I found that using a light blue and white without cleaning the brush made the hat look nice.    

After you have the fuzzy part, we will make the rest of the hat. With some darker blue make a curved shape for the rest of his hat, you can go over this part with different blues as well. Then after that just add a puff ball at the end of his hat. Now you have a cute snowman on your thumb nail. 

Snowflake Nail design          Snowflakes on the middle and ring finger nail, on left hand.

Snowflake Nail design 
       Snowflakes on the middle and ring finger nail, on right hand

Now on to our snowflakes. For this their is no set way of making your snowflakes because all snowflakes are suppose to be different. For all of the snowflakes that I made I stared off with a X and kind of a star shape, then I added random lines (like the photo above) some of the snowflakes I add some dots with the silver holo polish

For all of the snowflakes I used a thin striper brush with white acrylic paint.  

Snowflake Nail design        Snowflake design on right hand

Here is the snowflake design that I did on my other hand, this can also be another option if painting the snowman is a little to hard. As you can see I tried to make each snowflake some what different, some of then I felt where kind of similar

Snowman and Snowflake Nail design     Final Snowman and Snowflake design.

Once your cute snowman design has dried apply a top coat to help your nail design for melting or just chipping. Now your nails are ready for the remaining winter months ahead.

 Practice snowman nail design
 Practice snowman design.

Also here is the practice version that I did, I thought it turned out super cute and was worth sharing. 

Hope all of you enjoyed this snowman and snowflake nail design, even though it might have a slight Christmas feel to it, I felt like the polish colors I picked help it to be more of a winter design vs. a Christmas one.

See you next time for more nail fun!