Saturday, March 21, 2020

Koala Bear Care- Koala Nail Design

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is staying safe and try to stay healthy as well. I know that this year has started off not so well and the past few weeks have been scary, that's why I decided to hop on the blog and post a cute koala bear care nail design for all of you, just to kind of get you mind off of what is happening even just for a little bit.  

Koala Nail Design 
Koala Nail Design 

Here are the polishes and nail art tools used to create this cute koala nail design: 


Base and top coat- as always, CND Stickey Base Coat and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Nail polish- Zoya- Lillian.

Arcylic paint- White, black, green, yellow, and brown. 
Used black and white to make two shades of grey, and used a darker green and yellow to make a lighter green.

Nail art brushes- Thin detail brush and stripping brush.

A small cup of water to clean off your nail art brushes.

Koala Nail Design 
Koala Nail Design

Apply base coat.

Let that dry.

Polish all of your nails with a light blue polish.

Let that dry as well.  

First we will start off with the eucalyptus leaves that going on all four nails. Starting with the index nail and going to the middle and ring finger nail. Make a long branch across those three nails, then make some more smaller branches from the larger one. 

Then with two different greens, a light and a darker green, make some very small leaves coming from those smaller branches and some on the larger branch as well.

 Koala Nail Design
 Eucalyptus leaves

For the pink finger nail we will make four branches from all four coroners of the nail. On each corner make a long branch and then two shorter ones. Then make some leaves on each branch. 

Koala Nail Design 
Koala Nail Design

Lastly on to the Koala on the thumb nail. First make sure you have a lest two shades of grey, a light and darker grey. Then make a large circle for your koala's head, then two ears (use the lighter grey.) Then make his body, then with a darker shade of grey make two arms and two legs. 

With that same darker grey take your stripper brush and make your koala's ears look fuzzy, by making small lines very close to each other to make his ears fuzzy looking. 

Now on to the koala's face, make two oval for his eyes and a side ways oval for his nose and then two curved lines for his smile. 

For some for details, we will add some branches and leaves. Make a long thick line between your koala's arms and legs, then a thin line that is coming from his ear. Then add two leaves in his paws and then two more near the bottom the branch near the cuticle. Also add some leaves near his ear as well. 

Koala Nail Design 
Koala Nail Design

Once you have your koala bear nail design the way you like apply a top coat to seal in your design and to help it to last.

 Practice Koala Nail Design

Hope all of you enjoined this koala design and take care of yourselves.

See you next time for more nail fun!