Friday, October 30, 2015

Boo to You- Happy Halloween

Hello everyone! Happy Halloween! For today's post we will be creating a cute/ spooky nail design that you can wear to a party or just for fun.

Halloween nail design
 Boo to you! Halloween nail design. This design is inspired by Nail Storming ghost design with a design a photo I found on line to inspire the spooky graveyard scene.

Here are the nail polishes and tools used for this Halloween design: 

Base and top coat- Nicole OPI-  3in1- base, top, & strengthener and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Nail polishes- Sinful Color-Let's Meet, Sally Hansen- xterme wear- Sun kisses, Wet n wild- Glitter orange, Revlon- Rebel graffiti, and China glaze- white on white. 

Nail art tools- thin slanted nail at brush, latex free makeup sponge, and a cup of water to clean the paint off of your brush.

Acrylic paint- black, white, and red.

*Optional- school glue or liquid latex for easy clean up around your fingers.  

The skill level for this Halloween nail design is:


This design has some parts to it that can be difficult, with the small detail that are created when painting the graveyard scene on the index, middle, and ring finger nail. As for the ghost that is a little more simple to create and the pinky nail just has glitter on it.

Let's start this spooky/ cute nail design!  

1. Start off with a base coat.

2. Paint your index, middle and ring finger nails yellow, your pinky nail with a glitter orange, and then for your thumb nail we will paint it white and orange, first swipe the white polish across the nail a little ways down the cuticle, leaving a little bit of space at the top, then fill in the bottom half near the nail tip with white polish. After that swipe a orange glitter polish at the top of the white, you may need to go over this three times to get the polish to be opaque enough.

3. We will first start off with the cute ghost on the thumb nail. Take your thin nail art brush dipped into black paint, make a two dots to know where to place the eyes then draw a line for the mouth. The make the two dots bigger for the eyes. 
Right know your ghost looks a little like Baymax, but we will fix that.  

4. Now we will make his smile. Once again take your thin nail art brush dipped into black paint and make a curved line under the straight line, then fill it in for the smile. 

5. This next part will get a little bit messy, that is why you can put liquid latex around your finger or school glue to make the clean up a little bit easier. I don't have any liquid latex so I just used some school glue, it didn't work to well so I would recommend getting some liquid latex. As you can see I could not get all of it off of my nails, but if you wash your hands it does come off then.
Anyways for this step you may have guessed that we will be doing a gradient. For this step take your makeup sponge, just a small piece of it, then paint some of it orange and yellow, then sponge on the colors onto your nails to create a gradient. You may need to do this a few times to get the color to be opaque enough. 

6. Now we will start to create our spooky grave yard scene that will go on three of the nails the index, middle, and pinky nail. We will start with the index nail, take your thin nail art brush dipped into black paint, make a thick line at the tip of the nails, then make a line going from that thick line for the stem of the tree, then make a lot of thin lines for the grass.

7. After that we will make a lot of small lines for the tree branches.Their was not really a set way of how I did this I just found and image online that I based this design on. Due to this part being a silhouette, that makes it a little bit easier to make, in my opinion. You can also look ahead at step 9 for a reference if needed. 

8. For the ring finger do the last step again, the only thing you can do different is make the tree on the other side of the nail. As for the middle finger we will be make a tombstone, take your thin nail art brush dipped in black paint, draw a line near the tip of the nail, fill that part in, then draw two lines in the center with a curved line at the top, then fill that in for the tombstone.     

9. To add the final touch to your graveyard scene you can add a cross and a pumpkin shape, or just have a tombstone and a cross.

Halloween nail design
10. For the pinky nail we will keep that nail simple, you can just keep it the way it is with the orange glitter or if you have some black and white glitter polish, you can paint that over the orange. 

For the final touches to the ghost on the thumb nail we will add some squiggly lines to the bottom of the ghost. Take your thin nail art brush with black paint and draw a squiggly line at the tip of the nail, then fill that in. Next we need to add the ghost tongue, this step helps to make him look cute. Take some white and red paint and mix them together to make a pink color. Take your clean thin nail art brush and make a tongue shape in the middle of the mouth. 

If you are like me then you thought that the tombstone scene was missing something, some bats, or you can leave this as is or add three bats in the sky. Take your clean thin nail art brush dipped in to black paint make a small dot for the body, then two curved lines for the wings, then some small lines from the two curved lines that you just made, to add more to the wings. 

Once your spooky/ cute nail design has dried apply a top coat to seal in your design.
Using acrylic paint for my nail designs has really helped to improve the designs and just make it a lot easier to create. Acrylic paint does not get sticky, it does not dry as fast, and can be layered with out getting to thick.

Hope all of you enjoyed this Halloween nail design and have a safe and Happy Halloween!

See you next time for more fun nail tutorials!

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