Friday, October 16, 2015

Mouse is in the House- Mickey Mouse Design

Hello everyone! This week I have a tutorial that is for all you Disney/ Mickey Mouse lovers out there. Growing up Mickey and Minnie Mouse where and always will be my favorite Disney characters. As you know if you have been checking out the M.M.M blog, then you know I don't really care for fall colored nail polish, so I thought I would do some character designs for all of you instead.

Mickey Mouse nail design
 Mickey Mouse nail design 

Here are the nail polishes and tools used for this Mickey Mouse nail design-

Base and top coat- OPI Natural Nail base coat and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Nail polishes- Sinful Color-Let's Meet, Sally Hansen- Hard as Nails- Black Heart, Finger paints- Cubism Crimson, China glaze- white on white, and NYC- Fashion Safari.

Acrylic paint- Black and white. Also a cup of water to clean of your brushes with paint on them.

Nail tools- Glass jar with nail polish remover to clean nail art brushes, thin slanted nail art brush, small thin nail art brush,and extra large dotting tool.

The skill level for this Mickey Mouse nail design is:


This design got an intermediate rating because some of the design like the Mickey Mouse on the thumb nail and his glove can be difficult, and the rest of the design might be a little bit easier to create, depending on your skill level.

Oh Boy let's get's get this fun Mickey design started!

 1. Start off with a base coat.

2. For this Mickey design we will be painting all of the nails a different color. Paint your thumb nail yellow, your index black, your middle finger black at the top and red at the bottom, your ring finger white, and your pinky nail red.
Just a tip when painting your nail half black and red, start off by first swiping the black polish across the nail in the middle, then filling in the top part with black. After that paint the bottom part near your nail tip red by painting downward. This seem to help me to make it look even.  

*For this design we will be doing some jumping around, from nail to nail in order for each part to dry.

3. First we will start off with the Mouse himself, Mickey. For the shape of his face, I first took a small nail art brush dipped into a peach nail polish and made the shape of his face, starting with the checks, then creating the shape of his face. After that you can take the brush that came with the polish and go over the shape you just made, to make sure it is opaque enough. 

4. As we let Mickey's face dry, we will start to do another nail, the pinky nail. On the pinky nail we will make Mickey's silhouette peaking from the side of the nail. Take your thin nail art brush dipped into black acrylic paint and create a half circle, on the side of the nail.

5. Then make two circles on top of Mickey's head for the ears. You are now finished with that nail.

6. Now back to Mickey on the thumb nail. Take your thin nail art brush dipped into black
acrylic paint and start to outline the top part of Mickey's head. 

7. As soon as you have that part kind of thick. Make to circles on the top of Mickey's head for the ears.   

8. Now on to the smile and nose. With that same thin nail art brush dipped into black
acrylic paint, draw a curved line for the mouth with a curved lines on each side. Then draw a oval above his smile for his nose. 

9. On the middle finger nail for Mickey's pants, we are already half way done. All we need to do is draw two lines for his bottoms. Just take you cleaned thin nail art brush dipped into white acrylic paint and draw two thin lines.   

10. Now for Mickey's glove or hand on the index finger nail. Take your thin nail art brush dipped into white acrylic paint, near the cuticle make a half circle or half moon shape. You may need to go over the circle a few times to get the white paint to be opaque enough.

11. For Mickey's fingers, start on both sides and make a finger shape, then work your way to the middle, making two more fingers in the middle.

12. On the ring finger nail we will make a few small Mickey's. Take your extra large dotting tool dipped into black nail polish, and place the dotting tool lightly on the nail. Then do this two more times on the sides of the first dot you made, to make Mickey. You can make as many Mickey's as you would like, I made just three of them. 

Mickey Mouse nail design
 Final Mickey Mouse design on the left hand

For some final touches we will start off with Mickey on the thumb nail. We still need to add his eyes. First we will make a line over his nose, do this by taking your thin nail art brush with black acrylic paint on it and make a curved line above his nose. Now for his eyes take your clean thin nail art brush with white acrylic paint and make to oval shapes.Then take your black acrylic paint and make two smaller ovals for his pupils

For his gloves just add two lines on the large circle part. If you are like me you made his fingers to close together, so I just took some black paint and outline the center parts of the fingers. 

For the ring finger nail we will just add some yellow dots, by dipping your extra large dotting tool in yellow polish and doting it around the nail.

Lastly on the pinky nail I went to far with Mickey's head on one of the corners, so I just swiped a little of the red base color on the side. 

Once your Mickey nail design has dried apply a top coat to seal in your design. 

Mickey Mouse nail design
        Final Mickey nail design on the right hand 

If you are not ambidextrous, or sometimes fake it like me. Then on your non-dominant hand you can always give the design above a try. The only thing I changed really was the Mickey on the thumb nail, I just made his silhouette instead. Then the dots on the ring finger I made red dots instead of yellow.      

Hope all of you enjoyed this Mickey Mouse nail design!

See you next time for more fun nail designs!     

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