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Holo-rific- Harlow & Co review

Hello everyone! If you have been checking out the M.M.M blog for a while now then you know that we all love bight, vibrant nail polish colors! I just recently went on a website called Harlow and Co. and purchased some really cool holographic polishes that I have been very excited to show all of you. 

Harlow and Co. is a Canada based company that sales international and indie brand nail polishes. I have been interested in indie brand nail polish for a while, due to the brands having more unique polishes. The only thing is indie brand polishes can be expensive. If you don't know what indie brand nail polishes are they are hand mixed nail polishes usually sold by the creator and can be found online. Then their are mainstream brands such as OPI, Zoya, and drugstore brands like Revlon that are made by larger companies and can be found in stores and online. 

Here are the four indie brand nail polishes I purchased, I got all holographic polishes.

Just in case you didn't know, their are two types of holographic polish: linear and scattered. Linear has a strong rainbow effect that creates a strong holographic, the way I can tell if it's linear is when you move your nail in the light you will see a rainbow circle in your nails. As for scattered, this holographic has larger particles and is less dense, and the rainbow is less intense.     

KBShimmer, Cupcake Polish, and Colors by Llarowe
From Top left to right KBShimmer- Blue- d Lines and KBShimmer- Up and Cunning.
Bottom left to right- Cupcake Polish- Some Berry to Love and Colors by Llarowe- Arturo.

We will start with a review of the KBShimmer polishes.

KBShimmer- Blue- d Lines
KBShimmer- Blue- d Lines

KBShimmer is more of a well know indie brand nail polish company (that I know of), they are based out of Indiana.
Here is a link to KBShimmer's website if you would like more info.

The first KBShimmer polish I purchased is called Blue- d Lines this is a aquamarine linear holographic polish, with intense holographic that really shows in the bright sunlight. 

I applied two thin coats for the photo above. This formula was great, it was opaque in two coats and went on very smooth. 

On Harlow & Co. website for USD for me this cost $7.23 US, but I think it might have gone up because now the price is listed as $8.36 US.

Here is a link for KBShimmer- Blue- d Lines

KBShimmer- Up and Cunning
 KBShimmer- Up and Cunning

Next we have Up and Cunning this is a deep teal linear holographic polish.

This polish was a little bit more sheer on the first coat, but was easily build-able on the second. This formula once again was really good, went on smooth in two coats.

Unfortunately on Harlow & Co. website this polish is sold out. I payed $7.23US for this polish. If you like this polish you can always be on the look out for it, they do restock.

Here is the link for KBShimmer Up & Cunning 
Now for the other two polishes.

Cupcake Polish- Some Berry to Love
 Cupcake Polish- Some Berry to Love

Cupcake polish is a company that is based out of Dallas,Texas. They hand mix all of their polishes in small batches.
Here is a link to Cupcake polishes website if you would like more info.

The Cupcake polish I purchased is Some Berry to Love, this is a bright pink, linear holographic polish that I actually thought was scattered when I saw it in the bottle. Once this is applied to the nail it does have a more noticeable linear holographic.

This polish also went on very smooth, almost a one coat wonder, but it is always best to apply two thin coats. 

On Harlow & Co website this cost $12.16 US

Here is the link for the Cupcake Polish- Some Berry to Love 

Colors by Llarowe- Arturo with out top coat.
  Colors by Llarowe- Arturo with out top coat.

Colors by Llarowe- Arturo with top coat.
Colors by Llarowe- Arturo with top coat. 
Don't know if you can really tell the differences in the photo, 
actually the one with top coat look more shinny then the one with out.  

Colors by Llarowe is another hand mixed nail polish. This polish is mixed in large batches and the polishes can be slightly different between each batch.

Here is a link to Colors by Llarowe website if you would like more info.

Arturo is a light blue, sublet scatter holographic polish, with out top coat this polish kind of has a matte finish to it. It is really hard to describe this polish looks matte with out a top coat, but is still shimmer due to the holographic elements. 

This polish also had a good formal, went on smooth in two coats.   

This polish I actually purchased for the name, Arturo. My brothers name is Arturo and I thought it was kind of cool that their is a polish out that named Arturo. 

On Harlow & Co. website this cost $12.16 US.

Here is the link for the Colors by Llarowe- Arturo

All of these polishes I loved, they had great formula and wore very well, except for one polish the cupcake polish, it started to chip a little on the second day. Also what I love about these polishes is the fact that they are holographic, which mades them awesome. 

As for Harlow & Co. themselves, I was very happy with their service my package arrived in a reasonable time of one week, and arrived in great condition in a envelope with each polish bubble wrapped. Also an added bonus their was a orange lollipop that came with the package, I ate the lollipop right a way, so I didn't get a chance to take a photo of that.    

As a final note if you order from Harlow & Co. as stated above they are a Canadian company, so all of their currency on the website is in the Canadian dollar. On the top right hand corner of their site they do have where you can change the currency to fit where you live from  CAD, USD, GBP, EUR, RUB, and AUD. Once you place a order it will say the Canadian currency, but don't worry it is still sit to your currency. That part did confuse me at first because the amount was higher then it first said. 

For the final cost of all four of these polishes with shipping, it did cost a lot more than I usually pay for polish. But do to the fact that I feel that they are unique enough, I am willing to spend a little more on these polishes, and do to the fact that these are indie brand polishes as well makes them cost more.

In the end with shipping (standard shipping) of $5.77 US, I ended up spending $43.36 US on four polishes, which is a lot, but worth it in the end!  

Hope all of you enjoyed this holographic polish/ Harlow & Co. review!  

See you next time for more nail polish fun!

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