Friday, August 8, 2014

Life's a Beach- Tropical Design

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a good summer, enjoying all the BBQ, swimming at the water park and the beach, and just enjoying the warm weather. For today's design I will be sticking with a similar theme like the Lilo nail design I recently did. A fun summer/ tropical  themed nail design.

This design will be based on my favorite thing to do in the summer, go to the beach and go swimming. 

As always here are the polishes and tools I used (You can always change the colors of the polish for a different look):

Polish- Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat, 
(Optional polishes used: Color Club- Daisy Does it, and Del Sol- Starry Night)
Cover Girl- glosstinis Bahama Mama, Cover Girl- glosstinis Blue Hawaiian, Revlon- Gold Coin, Sinful Color- Midnight blue, NYC- Midtown Mimosa, NYC- big apple red creme, Sally Hansen- hard as nails- White on.

Tools- Glass jar with nail polish remover in it (for cleaning nail art brush), dotting tool, 
small nail art brush. 

The Skill level for this beach design is:


Due to only 3 of the nails having a simple design on each of the nails and the other 2 nails just having a solid color on it, I gave this a beginner rating.   

1. Start off painting all of your nails (except the ring finger) with Bahama Mama. 

2. Next, paint your ring finger nail half way with Gold Coin (this will be the sand on the beach), leaving the top part of the nail blank for now.

3. Paint the top part above the gold with Blue Hawaiian (for the water), paint this as if you where doing a french manicure. 

4. Also on the middle finger paint the bottom half of the nail with Gold Coin (this will also be the sand on the beach). 

 5. Along with step 4, paint your thumb nail the same way, with Gold Coin on the bottom half (for the sand).

6. Next we will be make flip flops (or sandals) on the sand.On your ring finger take your dotting tool with Midnight Blue and create a dot, then drag your dotting tool down to create the bottom part of the sandal. I did this 2 times to create a pair of sandals. 

 7. After the blue polish has dried take your nail art pen and draw 2 upside down V's on the sandals for the straps. 

8. On the middle finger nail we will be creating a sunrise. Above the gold sand, take your dotting tool with Midtown Mimosa (yellow) and create a small oval for the sun. 
For an optional step you can add a glitter yellow over the solid yellow to give it a sparkly look (I used Daisy Does it.) Also, you can add glitter over the sand as well (I used Starry Night to give a subtle shine.)

 9. For the final design we will be make surfboards in the sand. Take your small nail art brush and White On polish start at the top or bottom, create a point on the top and bottom, and move the brush down on each side (make sure each side is curved.) I did this 2 time to create 2 surfboards. 

10. After the white polish has dried we will be adding a small bit of detail to the surfboards by adding 2 lines. Take your small nail art brush and big apple red creme polish and draw 1 vertical line on the surfboard on the left, then draw 1 horizontal line near the bottom of the surfboard on the right.  
Also, for another optional step, you can once again add a glitter polish to the sand ( I once again added Starry Night to give a subtle shine.)

Once your design has dried add a top coat. You now have a fun a simple beach design that you can wear on your next beach adventure. 

Another photo of the beach design, so you can see the way the design should be viewed.
(This is my right hand)

Photo of my right hand, on my thumb I deiced to put just 1 surfboard on my thumb nail.

Hope everyone enjoyed this summer beach themed nail design and enjoy the rest of this summer. 
See you next time for my next design tutorial!


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