Friday, August 29, 2014

Color Combination- Yum Candy!

Hello everyone! For this week I wanted to keep things simple. Every so often I just like to paint my nails a solid color, but of course, I don't just paint them in a boring way. So for this week I will be doing another color combination, a kind of combination that reminds me of candy.

As always, I like to include the polishes I use even if I am just doing a color combination:

Nail Polishes:  Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat, Color Club- Daisy Does it, Color Club- Wing Fling, Color Club- Metamorphosis, Nicole by OPI- A Lit- Teal Bit of Love, and Wet n Wild- Glitter orange. 

For this week I wanted to keep in theme of bright and fun summer colors (even though unfortunately summer is coming to an end.) But I don't see anything wrong with painting your nails bright colors year round. 
For this color combination I used three of the colors from the Color Club 2012 Take Wing Collection. I started off by painting my thumb with Daisy does it a bright sunny yellow, then the index finger with Wing Fling a bright neon pink, and the middle finger with Metamorphosis a green or teal color (it just depends on the light sometimes it looks more green like in the photo above.) Then the other two colors I used that where not from the same collection are Nicole by OPI- A Lit- Teal Bit of Love (a bright blue) for the ring finger and Wet n Wild- Glitter orange (a bright orange) on the pinky finger. All of these colors where a little shear and required three coats to make each color to be opaque, but after three thin coats they turned out great.
This collection had six colors total the other three I did not buy were Fly with Me (a lime green like color), Sky High (a bright blue), and Sparkle and Soar (a bright orange, very similar to the color I used above.) Unfortunately I don't think you can purchase these in store, but you may be able to find them on line at Color Clubs website, Amazon, or Ebay. I originally found the three polishes that I got from this collection at Mejer. I really like color clubs polishes, but I have only been able to find these polishes every so often at Mejier in the area where I live at. As stated above, I substituted the two colors I didn't buy with an OPI and Wet n Wild color. Which I have recently still seen in stores, which if you can't find the Take Wing Collection you can always substitute these colors for another brand .

Hope all of you enjoyed this Yummy candy looking color combination!

See you next time for my next design tutorial!         


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