Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Magnificent finds: Cutex's Cotton Ball Holder

Hello everyone! today I have another Magnificent find to share with all of you. Have you ever just painted your nails and just messed up on one nail, or you just painted all of your nails and you look down at your toe nails and realize, I really should have taken off my toe nail polish first before doing my finger nails. Now you don't have to worry any more about messing up your manicure. 

I recently stumbled across this product at Meijer called Cutex's Cotton ball holder and thought it was pretty cool. I thought I would buy this product to see how well it works.

  Here's a Photo of the cotton ball holder in the package.

The simple instructions on the back of the packaging

The Cutex's cotton ball holder

I final got a chance to test this cotton ball holder out on my toe nails. My toe nail polish usually last longer than my finger nails, and I just don't keep up with them like I do with my finger nails. The Cutex's cotton ball holder seemed to work out okay for me. I ended up putting two cotton balls in the holder because when i just put one in it, did not seem to work as well (not sure if it was just the cotton balls I was using.) Also as you in see in the photo above, I wrapped the holder around my toe to remove the polish, and for my little toes, doing it this way seemed to work best.
Over all I do like this product. Before I found these holders I always used a sandwich bag over my hands (yes just a plain unused sandwich bag!) to prevent my finger nail polishes from getting messed up when removing my toe nail polish. So this is a different alliterative to what I have always used. 

So far I have only seen this at Meijer for around $2.00.

Hope everyone enjoyed this find and maybe even give this a try yourself.


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