Friday, August 1, 2014

Color Combination- Matte Me Crazy

Hello Everyone and Happy August 1st (wow summer is going fast!) For today's post I will be sharing a finish that has become very popular for the spring and summer season, the matte finish. Usually when it comes to spring time you think of bright, shinny pastels and for summer, bright, shinny, vibrant yellows, pinks, blues, etc. Though with the matte finishes it flattens and makes the colors some what duller, which would seem like the opposite of what people would like for summer color trends. 

For the past few months I have seen the matte polish finishes showing up quite a bit in stores, (a lot of brands make a matte topcoat.) The matte topcoat that I have seen the most  is the Sally Hansen Big Matte topcoat. Also, I have recently seen that Sally Hansen Insta- Dri polish now comes in matte. So after a few months of deciding if I wanted to give this matte finish polish a try, (I was unsure if I would like this finish, I really like shinny glitter polishes) I looked around at the store and seen that New York Color also has a matte topcoat, so I picked that brand to try.

Here are the polishes I used: 
     New York Color-  Matte Me Crazy topcoat, L'Oreal- Tangerine Crush, and Milani- Quick Teal.

For this color combination I decided to use two bright summer color polishes to see if it would still give that bright summer look with out the shine.

 In the photo above I left my right hand with no matte top coat and shiny (the hand at the bottom), and my left hand with the matte topcoat (the hand at the top) to see the difference between the two.

As you can see the matte topcoat can turn even the shiniest nail polish matte.

Before I tried this matte topcoat I was really unsure if I would like it (like I stated above, I like shinny finishes.) Also I was unsure if  the bright nail polishes would still look as vibrant even if they where matted. 
After I tried out the New york color- Matte Me Crazy top coat on these bright colors I do really like this topcoat, the topcoat went on really well in 1 coat, their was just a few spots that I had to go over again because their was still some shine to the polish. 
I feel that even though the polishes are made to be flattened and dull, your nail polish can still have a bright summer feel with out the shine.

I give this a happy Polish, I really like this topcoat.

If you would like to turn any of your nail polishes matte, you can find New York Color- Matte Me Crazy topcoat or other brands of matte topcoat at Meijer, Target, CVS, and any store that sells nail polish. 

 I got the New York Color- Matte Me Crazy topcoat at Meijer for just a $1.79.

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