Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Magnificent finds: Nail Art tool kit

Hello everyone! This week I decided to have an extra post for all of you. Every so often I will do a post about any kind of nail tools or nail accessories that I find that I think would be cool to show. In the Magnificent finds post, I will be giving a review of the product and how well it worked out.  
(Depending on how many cool nail accessories I find will determine how many times I will do a post like this.)

For my 1st Magnificent find I will be showing/ going over the new I Heart (love) Nail Art Tool Kit from Sally Hansen. 

 This set comes in a small box with small nail art tools (travel size.)

    This kit includes: (From top to bottom) 1 striping brush (or long nail art brush), 1 detailer brush (or what I call small nail art brush), and a dotting tool with a small and big point to
 each end.

Along with the brushes and dotting tool their is a sticker stencil that can be put on the nails to create nail art.  

This kit has been out since around early to mid Spring (Along with the nail brush kit they also have gem, studs, glitter, art bead kits.). I think Sally Hansen made these nail art kits to promote their I heart nail art content, where you can enter your nail art design to win money and a trip to New York. Also they may have made this kit due to the popularity of nail art in the past year or so.  

Anyways I have had this kit for a few months and I have only used the detailer brush (small nail art brush),the dotting tool and just recently the striping brush. ( I used the detailer for the color wheel design and the 4th of July design, the dotting tool I used to create the stars/ dots for the American flag in the 4th of July design as well.)

 For rating this nail art brush I give it a happy polish! (I liked this one)

As for the detailer brush (small nail art brush) as the name states it is good for painting small detailed designs on your nails, or like I have done I some of my nail design, I used it to fill in small areas that would be difficult to fill in with the brush that comes with the polish. 
I really like this brush as I found it very helpful and useful when doing small designs/ filling in small areas. Unlike the nail art polish, I found that this brush has more control because I can easily hold the bottom of the brush unlike the nail art polish (well unless you want to get polish all over you finger.) 

  For the dotting tool I also give this a happy polish! ( I also really like this one)

This dotting tool has two ends to it like most dotting tools, a large end with a bigger ball at the tip and a small end with a small ball at the tip. This tool is good for making dots (just like the name states). It can also be used to make other designs like if you wanted to create an animal, you can use this to create the head. I also really like this dotting tool as well. Before I bought this kit I used toothpicks to create dots, which I found not to work as well. Their is one minor down fall to this dotting tool though. On the large end it ended up falling out ( you can see it a little in the photo, it looks a little bit cracked at the large end). But this was easily fixable by just gluing it back in.    

For the striping brush I give this a blank face. (found this brush to be so so, it was okay)

The next tool I just recently used is the striping brush (or long nail art brush). I used this brush for the first time for the Lilo design. I had high hopes for this brush due to the other tools working out pretty well. But once I used this and cleaned it off the bristles began to split on the side. I then cut through and they still split. Other than that it seemed to work out okay, it just made it kind of hard to use due the bristles splitting.      

The last item in this kit the sticker stencil, I have not used yet. So I am unsure if it is any good. 

For cleaning these brushes and dotting tool in between uses I had a small plastic jar with nail polish remover, which I should have realize would not have worked out due to the jar melting. So I got a small empty glass candle jar to put remover in, which should work out better. 
I took those brushes and dipped them into the polish remover in between and after I painted the designs to clean off the brushes. Then I wiped off the brushes on a paper towel. When I am completely done, I take some clean polish remover, dip the brushes in the remover and once again whip off the brushes with a paper towel, also if needed I rinse the brushes off under water. Then if any polish got on the plastic part of the brush, I take a q-tip dipped in polish remover an wipe the plastic part off. 
(This is just how I clean my nail art brushes, I am not necessarily saying this is the right way to clean them.)         

In conclusion I did like this kit and thought that it is a good starter kit for anyone that would like to try out nail art. I am just not sure about per-long use of the brushes if they will last.   

If you are look to purchase this nail art kit you can find it for around $5.99 at Target, Meijer, CVS pharmacy, or anywhere that sells Sally Hansen products.

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