Friday, July 11, 2014

Munchkin's favorites- All chromed out

Hello Everyone! For this weeks post I will be showing something a little different, called Munchkin's favorites. This will be a post that I will do every so often on polishes that are new, or are a favorite of mine. I will just be going over the finish of the polish, what I like about it, or hope that I will like about the polish, and the wear of the polish. 

For my first Munchkin's favorite, I will be going over the new polish from Sally Hansen called Color Foil Cobalt Chrome. 

This polish has a metallic chrome like finish that is similar to what the bottle looks like.

 A few years ago Sally Hansen had a very similar polish to this called Chrome nail makeup. I had that same polish in a blue color and I loved it. It had really good wear, I could wear it for almost a week with no chipping, and it looked very cool because it had a very shinny chrome-like finish. But, like with any polish, in time it starts to go bad.   
Then a few months ago I stumbled across this at Meijer, I was very excited to see this because after my chrome nail makeup went bad I could not find that polish and assumed it had been discontinued. So of course, I had to pick this polish up because I assumed it would be the same polish that I loved years ago. 

 Sally Hansen Color Foil Cobalt Chrome with no topcoat

 Before I started this blog, I painted my nails with this polish like I paint with any other polish, with the color and then topcoat, then let it dry. When applying this polish it seem to be going on well, it went on in one coat (opaque in color). So this gave me some hope that my once favorite polish was back. But as the day went on with just wearing this polish for a few hours, I would look down at my nails and notice on the tips that they are already starting to chip (Oh No!!). As usual, I would touch them up. Then each day they still chipped way too much and way too fast for just polishing them.

 For this blog post I decided to give this polish another try. I figured once again I would put a topcoat on (even though on the back it does say to not us base and topcoat) I always like to have a topcoat on to give my nails some kind of protection. Once again the polish chipped after only having it on for a few hours. 
Not willing to give up on my once favorite polish (at least the one called chrome nail makeup) I decided to follow the directions on the bottle and not wear a base of topcoat. 
Unfortunately I still had the same results after a few hours of not even really doing much to cause any chipping, and unfortunately this polish chipped again on the tips of the nails. 

 This was after just 1 day of wear and it had already chipped way too much. (Just in case you are wondering why their is a picture of a sad version of my logo in the corner. When I do post like this that will be a way that I will rate the polish, happy face if the polish is good, sad if the polish is bad.) 

I really had high hopes for this polish after having a great experience with the Chrome nail makeup that I had a few years ago. Sadly I am disappointed with the wear of this polish due to it chipping pretty much as soon as I put the polish on.    


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