Friday, July 4, 2014

Let's Celebrate the USA!- Fourth of July Design

Hello everyone! It's that time again to watch the fireworks, eat lots of yummy BBQ, and celebrate America. Another great way for us nail polish lovers to enjoy celebrating the 4th of July is by doing a fun flag and firework design.

Here are the nail polishes and nail tools that I used to create this 4th of July design: 

Nail Polish Used: 
Revlon Extra Life No Chip topcoat, Kiss nail art stripper in white, Nicole by OPI- A Lit-Teal Bit of Love, NYC- french white tip, NYC- Broadway Burgundy Frost,
 Wet n Wild- wild shine black,Color Club- Daisy Does it, and Color Club- Wing Fling (For the nail polishes I decide to us colors with glitter in them to give this look more of a sparkle).

Tools Used:
 A plastic jar (with a lid) to put nail polish remover (for removing polish on the nail art brush), Tape and scissors, a dotting tool, and a small nail art brush.

1. Before you start off with anything you need to cut the tape into thin strips. Then, you take the tape and place them diagonally on all 4 of your nails (leaving the ring finger blank, this is where the firework design will go.)

2. To start off the flag design, I painted the bottom part near the cuticle with 3 coats of A Lit-Teal Bit of Love.

 3. Next I paint the strip above the blue and at the tip of the nail with 2 coats of french white tip. (it is okay if you get some polish on the tape.)

 4. Above the white polish I painted the next strip with 2 coats of Broadway Burgundy Frost,( I know this looks a little messy right now, but once you are finished and take the tape off it will look better.)

5. Once you have finished painting all the strips you can take the tape off.

6. I forgot to take into consideration that their would not be any polish under the tape (duh). So, now you need to thicken up your lines by adding more white and red polish. When I was done, I felt that the white strips where too thick, so I added another diagonal line of red polish to the tip of the nails. 

7. Now that the flag is almost finished ( all that is left is the stars, you just need to wait for the blue polish to dry), we can go ahead and start the firework design on the ring finger. You will now need to paint the ring finger black for the night sky.

8. While the black polish is drying we will be adding the stars (well dots for the stars). Pour just a little bit of white polish on a paper towel, or piece of paper, and take your dotting tool and dip it into the white polish.

9. Take the dotting tool and place it on the blue part of the nail as many times as you like
to create the stars/ dots. (I did not put a set amount of dots, I just put enough dots to  make sure their is still some blue showing.)

10. Now that the black polish has dried take the white stripper and make a lot of random line that resemble fireworks. In order for the color to show over your dark background you need to first paint the lines for the firework with white polish.(you can also make a few more fireworks on the nail or just 1 big one like I did.) 

11. After the white lines for the fireworks has dried, I took the small nail art brush and dipped it into the bottle of Daisy Does it and went over the white lines. Also, this is where the clear jar I used came in handy, you will need it to take off any extra polish on the nail art brush and if you want to change colors, and of course, in the end to completely clean off the brush.   

 Once your patriotic design has dried add your topcoat. As usual I used Revlon Extra Life No Chip topcoat. In the photo above I painted the firework with Daisy Does it, on my left hand.

This time I decide to show my right and left hand in two different photos. In the photo above I paint the firework with Wing Fling it, on my right hand. 

As with any design their are many different colors and designs that you can do. To change up this 4th of July look, you can also paint all of your nails with the American flag, or all of them with fireworks with all kinds of colors.  

Hope everyone enjoyed this design and that everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July!  


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