Friday, June 27, 2014

What Colors Complement You? Color Wheel Design

Hello everyone! For today's post I will be doing a design based on the color wheel. For designers, it is important to know how colors relate to each other and how they work together. Their are two different types of color wheels: A basic color wheel, and a complex color wheel. For the nail design I am doing, I will be explaining the basic color wheel which consist of 6 colors. 

Here is the basic wheel which consists of the colors yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green. 
Each color has a complementary color, which sit across from each other on the wheel. Yellow and purple, orange and blue, and red and green are complementary colors. 
Also, each color has a primary and secondary color. The primary colors are yellow, red and blue. The secondary colors are green, orange, and purple.
That's a brief overview of the color wheel. Now to the fun part, how to do the color wheel design!

Here are the polishes along with the tools I used:

 I used Revlon no chip to coat, Color Club black stripper, New york color- Midtown Mimosa, an Orange (this polish has no name on it), New york color- Big apple red creme, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri- Grape going, Sinful Color- Midnight Blue, and Sinful Color- Mint Apple. (Wow that's a lot of different colors!) 
Along with the polishes, I also used a small nail art brush and the lid to a nail polish remover (with some remover in it, this will be needed to clean off the nail art brush) 

1. First start off with a base coat, then with the black nail stripper, slowly draw a line across the nail while rotating your finger. (try and get your lines as straight as possible.)

2. Next draw a slanted line under the horizontal line across your nail (you will be forming a small triangle), or you can also go all the way up your nail to make the line longer all at once.

3. Now draw another slanted line on the other side to form a triangle. Like the last step, you can go all the way up the nail to make the line longer all at once. 

4. In the last 2 steps if you didn't go all the way up on your line, you can now add a slanted line at the top as well to make the line longer.

5. Just like step 4, add another slanted line on the top (if you didn't make the line longer already), your nails should now have a star shape on them, with 6 triangles for each color of the color wheel.

6. Take the lid to your nail polish remover and fill it with nail polish remover,
or a small jar preferably with a lid you can take on and off easily, because after a while with using all of these polishes, and having polish remover out the smell started to get to me!

You will need this polish remover out for easy access to clean your nail art brush off for each color, or if to much polish gets on your brush.

7. With the nail art brush dip the brush in the Grape Going polish, (you can dip the nail art brush right into the bottle) and begin to fill in the bottom triangle, I started at the top. 

8. Then fill in the rest of the triangle, using the nail art brush I used  2 coats of polish for each triangle. To make sure the triangles where filled in enough, I took the brush that the polish comes in, and carefully added another coat to the triangles.

 8. For each triangle repeat steps 7 and 8, along with step 6 to clean your brush off. 
Looking at the photo above Grape Going polish I used at the bottom, Big apple red creme I used on the left, Midnight blue I used on the right, then above the red on the left I used orange, above the blue on the left I used Mint apple, Then at the top of the nail I used Midtown Mimosa a yellow polish.

Once all these bright colors have dried apply a topcoat. To get the color wheel look you will need to color in each triangle in the order shown. This look of course can be done with any yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and green polish. 

Hope everyone enjoyed this bright and fun color wheel design, and maybe even learned something about how colors work together!  


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