Friday, June 13, 2014

First Blog Post

Hello everyone, and welcome to my nail polish blog, Munchkins Magnificent Manis. For about a year of trying many different nail designs, and many more years of just painting my nails for fun, I have been pondering a creative outlook for showcasing my love for nail polish and design.  This is why I decided to try blogging, where I will show tutorials on how I do my nail designs, and to show different polish combinations. 

For my first post I wanted to show a simple color combination. 

 Here are the polishes I've used for this color combination. 
Sinful Colors Gorgeous, Revlon's Blue Mosaic, and Color Clubs Harp On.

I first started off with 2 coats of Gorgeous on my thumb, middle and pinky finger. I know they say to start off with a base coat but I have not found one that I like, yes I did the big 'no no' of not using one, so you should really start off with a base coat.   

Anyways, after the polish is dry, I added 1 coat of the Blue Mosaic glitter polish over Gorgeous to start to give my nails a mermaid look.

The other 2 fingers (the index and ring finger) I add 2 coats of Harp on. 

Once the polish is dried, I finished this look with Revlon's no chip topcoat. Once everything is finished drying you now have a pretty mermaid color combination.

Hope everyone enjoyed this color combination, and I look forward to posting more fun nail designs and color combinations very soon. 


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