Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Magnificent finds: Nail Polish Remover Dispenser pump

Hello Everyone! Once again I have an extra post for everyone. Lately I have discovered quite a bit of different cool nail related finds that I would like to share with all of you. For this find, I went on of my many Target adventures, (this is my favorite store to shop at) and I came across this find in the makeup/nail polish aisle.    

A nail polish remover dispenser pump by Up & Up Target's brand  

With this dispenser pump, you put what ever nail polish remover you would like in the bottle. You then take a cotton ball or cotton pad and push down on the top as many times as you need and nail polish remover then comes out on to the cotton ball or cotton pad.

I really like this nail polish dispenser pump. I found it to be a less messier alternative to just putting polish remover that's in a regular bottle onto a cotton ball. One issue I did come across was when you first go to use this, you have to keep pushing the top many times for any polish remover to come out. Though after that, the dispenser pump works out very well. 

Zoya also makes a nail polish remover that has a similar dispenser, but it is more on the pricier side. An 8oz bottle will set you back $9.99. This dispenser I found at Target that holds 5.9oz for $2.49. Which I think is a better value and plus you can put whatever nail polish remover you like in it. 

Hope everyone enjoyed this quick find, and see you again for my next Magnificent finds!  


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