Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring Is In The Air- Spring Flower Nail Design

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather! If you live in an area that is just now getting warm, then it feel nice to finally have some nice weather. For today we will be celebrating spring with a spring flower nail design. 

Spring flower nail design 
Spring flower nail design

Here are the polishes and tools used for this spring flower nail design:

Base and top coat- CND Stickey Base Coat and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Nail polishes- Sally Hansen- Color Therapy- Mauve Mantra, Revlon- Scented parfume- Not so Blueberry, Sinful Color- Purple Diamond, Zoya Mini- Leslie, and Cover Girl- Boundless color- Disco dazzle (this is an older polish, but you should be able to find one just like it.) 

Nail art brushes- two thin liner brush, a thin detail brush. 

Other- a small jar with acetone in it to clean up nail art brushes, a cup of water to also clean up brushes, and a toothpick to pick up the glitter pieces.

Let's start this spring flower nail design!

Spring flower nail design 
Light purple flower on the thumb nail

Start off with a thin layer of base coat to protect your nails. 

Once that has dried polish all of your nails a light pink.

First we will start off with the thumb nail (the design that is on the middle finger nail is similar to this design just a different color.) for each of the flower I first did an outline with white acrylic paint then went back over that with polish. 

For the flower on the thumb (along with the middle finger nail), take a thin detail brush with white paint on it and make one pedal on top then, two on the sides, and two near the bottom, this flower will be near the tip of the nail.

For the second flower this one will go right above the first one,then just repeat the same steps as the first flower.

Once your white paint has dried you can go over that with polish, with a linear brush fill in the flower with a light glitter purple polish. 

One that has tried you can outline the flower pedals with a darker purple polish, this helps to make the pedals stand out, then on each pedal draw one line from the center. 

For an add touch you can take a large glitter polish and place a piece of the glitter, with a toothpick in the center of the flower. I also took that same glitter and polished it near the flowers.

Spring flower nail design     Spring flower nail design

For the nail on the middle finger this flower is similar to the one on the thumb nail, the only different is the color. I used two different shades of purple a glitter purple and a lighter purple, then outline the pedals with white paint. 

Spring flower nail design 
 Spring flower nail design

For the other flowers on the index, ring and pinky finger nail, they are also very similar. They are for the most part just a different color.

Also for the most part the flowers are very similar in shape as well, they are rounded at the top of the petal, except for the flower on the pinky finger nail, that one is more pointed.

Once again all of the flower I started off making the outline with white acrylic paint, the only flowers that is just paint are the flowers on the ring finger nail.  

For the white flowers on the ring finger nail, make sure to add a lot of water to the acrylic paint to make the white watery, it needs to be kind of sheer, then you can build up the white. For the outline make sure this paint is opaque, so it stands out more.

For the index finger nail you can use a darker purple polish to fill in the flower, and just leaving a little bit of white showing around the edges of the flowers.

On the pinky finger nail you can use a light purple to fill in the flower and a darker purple for some lines in the center.

For the green steams and leaves that are coming from flowers/ attach the flowers together. Take a thin liner brush with dark green paint on it and make different random lines, that content all the flower together on that one nail, you can also add some leaves as well.    

For all of the flower you can add a piece of glitter to the center, for a added touch.

Spring flower nail design 
 Spring flower nail design

Hopefully I explained this design clearly. For the most part this design can be simple, you just need to try and have a steady hand. Pretty much all the flowers are the same just different colors.  

Spring flower nail design 
 Spring flower nail design 

As always once your flower nail design has dried apply a top coat to protect your nails and to help them last though spring, or maybe just through the week.

Hope all of you enjoyed this spring flower nail design and the nice weather too!

See you next time for more nail fun!  

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