Friday, October 3, 2014

Midnight Blue Sand- Half & Half Design

Hello everyone! For today's design I once again decided to keep it simple, with a half and half design of a solid blue and another textured polish (love textured polish.) This is a design that I've actually done before just for fun, before I even started to blog. I just post designs on my personal Facebook page and this was one of them.   

Polishes and tools used for this midnight blue sand design:

Polishes-  Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat, - OPI nail envy- nail strengthener/ base coat, Sinful Color- Midnight blue, OPI mini- Liquid sand- Get your number from the Mariah Carey collection, and Kiss nail art- Silver.

Tools- Just tape and scissors.

The Skill level for this half and half nail design is:

Beginner/ Basic

This half and half design is once again very simple that anyone can do it. All that is required is tape placed on the nail diagonally, then painting one side a solid color, and the other side with a glitter textured polish. Then finishing the look with a sliver diagonal line. 

 1. Start off with a base coat, I used one coat of OPI Nail Envy- nail strengthener

2. Next you want to make your tape less sticky, so the tape will not peel up your base coat. You do this by putting a piece of tape on your hand and peeling it up about three times. Once your tape is less sticky, cut ten or more (just in case) thin pieces of tape. Place the thin strips of tape on your nails diagonally.

3. Now paint the left side a dark blue color, it's okay if you get polish on the tape.

4. Even before the polish dries you can take the tape off. I applied two coats of dark blue polish, I applied the second layer after I took the tape off, if you choose to remove the tape for the second coat you just have to be careful that you still keep the lines straight.

5. Next we will be applying the textured blue polish to the other side. You just need to be careful that you don't get any of the textured polish on the side that the dark polish is on. 

6. The final step is to add a diagonal silver line. Take your nail art stripper polish, start from the bottom of the diagonal part where the two color separate and drag the stripper up slowly to create a silver line to divide the two colors. 

Once your design has dried apply a top coat. Once again, like the last design, when it comes to textured polish you are not supposed to add a top coat, but I normally do anyways. I just make sure not to put too much top coat on because if you do decided to put top coat on a textured polish and you put too much it can smooth out your texture polish. Also, when it comes to the liquid sand polish, this textured polish looks more gel like with a textured look to it, so you have to be extra careful if you add a top coat because if you add too much top coat it will smooth out your texture polish even more. 

As always have fun mixing and matching colors to any color you would like. The color options for this look are endless. 

Hope everyone enjoyed this half and half look. See you next time for my next design tutorial!  

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