Friday, October 17, 2014

Trick or Treat- Halloween Design

Hello everyone, Happy Halloween! I know that it's a little bit early (well about two weeks) for Halloween, but I decided to do a Halloween design early because I will be going on a trip when it's actually Halloween. Anyways, for this Halloween design I decided to go with a cute themed design of a black cat, pumpkin, Frankenstein, candy corn, and a ghost. I based it on a photo that I found on Pinterest of Halloween cake poppers. 

     Here is the picture of the cake poppers that I based my design on.

The Polishes and tools I used for this cute Trick or Treat design-

Polishes- Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat, - OPI nail envy- nail strengthener- base coat,
Sally Hansen- xterme wear- Sun kisses, Sinful Color- Cinderella, Wet n wild- wild shine black, Sally Hansen- xtreme wear- White on, Sinful Color- HD Nails, NYC- SoHo, and Sinful Color-Let's Meet. 

Nail art polish used: Kiss nail art- White and Color Club nail art- Black. 

Tools-  small nail art brush, dotting tool, and a glass jar with nail polish remover in it to clean off your dotting tool. 

The skill level for this Halloween design is:


For this Halloween nail design their are some parts that are simple and other steps that can be tricky especially on your non dominant hand. Also, due to their being a lot of steps in this design, I gave this an Intermediate rating. 

Start off with a base coat. As I have stated in my other posts I am going to give the OPI nail envy- nail strengthener- base coat a try. I have used it for about four weeks, but this time when I used this strengthener/base coat it seemed to have made my nail polish go on very thick and streaky, I'm not sure if this happened because I didn't wait long enough for the base coat to dry. Due to this happening, I did not use a base coat. I will still give this another try, but if it still seems to be doing this I will return it and try another base coat.

1. Paint you thumb and middle finger orange, your index finger a light blue, and your pinky finger black. Leave your ringer finger blank for now. These colors will be the backgrounds for your characters. 

2. Next we will be working on the candy corn on the ring finger. I did this design freehand, but if you would like you can cut small pieces of tape as a guide to keep your lines straight. If you choose to do this design freehand, take your white polish, start off at one corner of your nail and swipe the polish to the other side, also make sure just to go half way up your nail with each color. Then repeat this step for the orange part. 

* For each nail I went back and forth with each nail design, in order to let each step dry before I started the next step.That's why some steps it may seem like I was going back and forth with each nail design. 

3. The next design will be the ghost on the pinky finger. Take your nail art polish and draw an arch shape for the ghost. Found this helpful to create the ghost shape.  

4. Then take your regular white nail polish and swipe the polish from the top of the arch shape to the tip of the nail. 

5. This step you can include with step 2, After you paint the orange part once again repeat the same steps that you did for the white and orange polish. (If needed refer to step 2.)

6. The next design we will be working on is the black cat. Take your black nail polish and about in the middle of the nail create a curved shape, then fill in the bottom half of the nail all the way to the tip of the nail.

7. After we finish the cat's head we need to make the ears. This will be done by taking your  black nail art polish and on the side of the head create two triangles, then fill them in. 

8. Next are the eyes and nose. Take your dotting tool dipped in yellow nail polish, dot two eyes on the face, clean your dotting tool off with nail polish remover, then dip your dotting tool in a light pink polish, then place the dotting tool in the center of the two eyes for the nose. 

9. Now we will create the cat's mouth. Take your white nail art polish, starting from the cat's nose, drag the stripper down just a little, then starting in the middle of the line that we just created, draw one line on each side. 

10. The final step for your cute black cat is the whiskers. Once again take your white nail art polish, on the side of the nail draw two slanted line on both sides of the cat's face.

11. The next character we will be making is the pumpkin. Take your orange nail polish, starting half way down the cuticle draw a curve, then at the bottom draw another curve, and then fill in the pumpkin shape.

12. Next is the stem of the pumpkin. Dip your small nail art brush into your green polish, draw a small line on the center top part of the pumpkin, then in the center of that line draw a curved line.  

13. Now that the pumpkin shape is done the next and final character we will create is Frankenstein. First take your green polish, staring half way up your nail, paint down to the tip of your nails for Frankenstein face, you may need to go over his face a few times. (I painted over it three times to get the green to be opaque.). Next we will create his hair, take your nail art polish and draw a rectangle above his head.   

* You may have noticed that the candy corn has a face in this step, I will be going over that once we finish Frankenstein. 

14. For a little bit of detail we will create the bolt that is on the side of Frankenstein's head. Take your white nail art polish and draw a small square on the side of his head.  

15. To finish off Frankenstein's hair once again take your black nail art polish and draw three triangles and fill them in.

16. For the final touch on your cute Halloween design we need to add all the characters eyes and smiles. Take your dotting tool dipped in black polish and on all your characters dot two eyes on the center of their face. After you finish all the eyes take your black nail art polish and draw a small curved line under all of their eyes, except for Frankenstein, for him just draw a small straight line.     

For an added touch I added a black dot over the yellow part of the cats eye. 

 Left hand nail design

Once your trick or treat Halloween design has dried apply a top coat.

 Right hand nail design

For when you are doing your nail design on your non dominant hand (for me I am right handed) it can be tricky. All you have to do is be extra careful and take your time and try to keep your hand and arm firmly placed on the table. Of course practice makes perfect!

Here is a picture of my practice wheel, I was trying out 
different colors to see which looked the best 

As always hope all of you enjoyed this cute Halloween design as much as I enjoy creating these designs and sharing them all with you. Also have a safe and Happy Halloween!

See you next time for my next design tutorial!  



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