Friday, October 24, 2014

Autumn Harvest- Fall Design

Hello everyone! For today's post I have another fall design, a simple one. When it comes to this design I was trying to think of a color scheme that is not just boring neutrals (which is kind of popular in the fall), because here at the M.M.M blog we like wild nail colors! That's when I decided to go with an orange and burgundy french manicure over brown, then as an accent nail (or ring finger) a gold leaf. When it comes to my nail designs I do get inspiration for the internet ( Pintrest is my favorite website for nail inspiration.) Then I use that inspiration that I find as a base for my design and try to make it my own. Like today's design for a perfect example.  

As usual here are the polishes and tools that I used for this autumn harvest design:   

Polishes- Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat, Kiss nail art- Silver, NYC- Brownstone, Revlon- Gold Coin, Wet n wild- Glitter orange, NYC- Chelsea, and an optional glitter; Del Sol- Starry Night.

Tools-  a small thin nail art brush (The DL professional 10pc nail art brush from Sally Beauty, I numbered them from 1 largest - 10 smallest, this one I number brush 10.), another  optional small nail art brush (the one in the photo with a white handle), and a glass jar with nail polish remover in it to clean off your dotting tool. 

*As for the OPI nail envy- nail strengthener- base coat that I have been using for that past few weeks, I unfortunately do not like it and will be retuning it. I will soon have a full review of the strengthener; I thought it would be best to have a separate post for that.  

The Skill level for this autumn/ fall design is: 


For this autumn/ fall design for the most part is a simple design that consists of a basic french manicure, then for an accent nail a simple gold leaf. The only part that might be a little tricky is the optional thin line above and under the slanted design, that is above the french manicure.  

1. Start off by paint all of your nails with two coats of brown. 

2. Next we will be creating a french manicure. The thumb and middle finger nail we will be using three coats of orange polish, and the index and pinky nail we will be using two coats of a burgundy polish, and for now leave the ring finger nail brown. To create a french manicure you start off on one side of the nail then swipe the polish across until you get to the middle, then pick up the brush and go to the other side and once again swipe your polish until it meet the other part you just painted.If you have trouble doing this you can also use tape as a guide.

3. Now we will be creating the accent nail, or the leaf design. Take your nail art brush dipped in gold polish, starting at the tip of the nail draw a slanted line that goes to the side of your finger. Repeat this step four times until you get to the top of the nail.

 4. To finish off the leaf repeat the last step for the other side of the nail. For an optional look, you can also add a glitter polish on the background.

5. Next, we will adding a slanted design above it. We will do this by taking your sliver nail art polish, slowly rotating your finger while drawing a sliver line above the orange polish, then at the end of that line, draw a slanted line that goes to the other end of the nail. After that, fill in the silver part.   

6. Do the last step on the thumb nail too. If you have trouble doing this part of the design this way, you can also try it the way I did it in step 7.

7. For the burgundy nails, the ring and pinky nail. We will be doing the same design with gold polish. For this color I don't have a gold nail art polish, so this one I did a little different. Take your small thin nail art brush dipped in gold polish and draw a line above the burgundy polish. 

8. Then once again at the end of that line draw a slanted line that goes to the other end of the nail. it's okay if the line is kind of thick because once again you will fill it in with gold polish.

You can stop at the last step or for an optional look, you can add a sliver line above and under the gold slanted design, and add a gold line above and under the silver slanted line. If you choose to do this, once again take your silver nail art polish or nail art brush dipped in gold, slowly rotate your finger while drawing a line, then for the slanted part just follow the outline to create a line. 

    Once your Autumn/ Fall nail design has dried finish off this look with a top coat.

Hope all of you enjoyed this Autumn/ Fall nail design. For next Friday I will not be doing a nail post because I will be going on vacation. But as soon as I get back from vacation I will do more tutorials.  

See you next time for my next design tutorial!

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