Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nail art tools

Hello everyone! For this week I will have three post, to make up for the two weeks that I didn't post due to me being on vacation. Their is this post about nail art tools, then a review on the OPI nail envy nail strengthener, and my usual Friday post. 

Now for the nail art tool post. This post was actually meant to go with the post I did back in August for the hand and cuticle care, and the nail care. In the end I thought it would be best to make this a separate post.
The I heart nail art kit in the box

  Nail art stripper, small nail art brush, and dotting tool

The first product that I use is the Sally Hansen I heart nail art tool kit (I also did a magnificent find post on this a well, click the link to check it out I heart nail art kit ). This kit I would say is more for beginners, due the quality of the brushes, because after using these for a while the brushes seem to be worn out. Though on the other hand, the dotting tool still seems to be working well. I have also used toothpicks to make dots, but I find the dotting tool to work out better because it seems to make better looking dots than toothpicks (at least the times I have tried it.) 

 - The Sally Hansen I heart nail art kit cost $5.99.

DL professional by Debra Lynn 10 piece nail art brush set

That's when I decided to go to Sally Beauty and pick up the DL professional by Debra Lynn 10 piece nail art brush set. I have been using these brushes for a few months now and they see to be working out well. I would say they are much better quality then the Sally Hansen kit. As for the brushes, I've mostly been using the smaller brushes. The two lager brushes I am unsure about ( they look more like they are for doing canvas paintings, not nail art but who knows, maybe I could find a use for them while doing my nails.)

- The DL 10 piece nail art kit cost $4.49 at Sally beauty.

 Up & Up cosmetic wedges for gradient/ ombre nails

Another item I use for doing nail art is the UP & UP cosmetic wedges/ sponges. These makeup wedges are used to create a gradient effect on your nails, by painting lines of color like 3 or 4 colors side by side on the sponge then dabbing the sponge on your nails.

Here is a photo of just one of the cosmetic wedges. When doing the gradient effect on your nails, you just need to paint you colors on the bottom half. Then you can cut that part off when you are finished, that way you don't waste the rest of the sponge. You can also start off by cutting smaller pieces of the sponge that way it will fit on your nail better. 

- The Up & Up cosmetic wedges cost around $2.00 at Target.

 Beauty secrets nail art wheel 

The last item I wanted to include is the beauty secrets nail art wheel. This nail art set includes ten practice wheels. Just like anything you need to practice, so I thought it would be a good idea to pick up these nail art wheels to practice my nail designs before I do them on my actual nails.     

- The beauty secrets nail polish and art wheel cost $5.99 at Sally Beauty.  

When it comes to nail art tools you don't really need much, just some brushes and a dotting tool. You can also use items that you have in your home for nail art, such as toothpicks to make lines and dots, you can also use a bobby pin to make dots as well.

Also, if you missed the hand and cuticle care, and the nail care don't forget to check them out by clicking the links. 

See you next time for more nail fun!

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