Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gobble Gobble- Happy Thanksgivng

Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! It's that time again when we all get together and have turkey, ham, stuffing, mash potatoes, mac and cheese, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and many more yummy thanksgiving foods. Other then enjoying time with family and friends we  also think about what we are thankful for. What are you most thankful for?
As for me I am thankful for my family, friends, and my fiance that has been there for me and very loving and supportive with everything I do. Also I am thankful that I decided to start this blog. This has been a way that I can show my creativity and love for nail design with all of you, and a way to improve and learn and little something along the way ( along with all of you!)

       The final look at the Thanksgiving nail design

Here are the nail polishes and tools used for this Thanksgiving nail design:

Top as base coat- Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat, and Nicole OPI-  3in1- base, top, & strengthener.

Nail polish-  Color Club nail art- Black, Wet n wild- wild shine black, L'Oreal- Tangerine Crush (very small amount of the black and tangerine crush polish), Sally Hansen- xtreme wear- White on, light copper/ gold polish, NYC- Fashion Safari, NYC- Brownstone, Sally Hansen- xterme wear- Sun kisses, NYC- big apple red creme, and Sinful Color-Let's Meet

Nail art tools- small glass jar with nail polish remover in it for cleaning nail art brushes, a small thin nail art brush (The DL professional 10pc nail art brush from Sally Beauty, I numbered them from 1 largest - 10 smallest, this one I've numbered brush 10.), and a dotting tool. 

The skill level for this Thanksgiving nail design is: 


This design has a lot of steps to it and does have quite a few small details to it, which is why I decided to give this design an intermediate skill level. 

1. Start off by applying a base coat. 

2. Once your base coat has dried, apply a white coat to your thumb nail, a light cooper/ gold to your index and ring nail, and then a peach color on your middle and picky nail. For this step you can really paint any neutral color you would like. You can always paint all of your nails with a light gold or peach and paint your thumb nail white. I chose to paint my thumb nail white for the turkey to help the colors pop, just to change things up a little bit I alternated between light cooper/ gold and peach.  

* For this design I went back and forth between each nail, as I let parts dry. That's why it may seem like I am skipping around some.

3. Once again after your solid colors have dried we start the fun part of the nail design. We will first start off with making a tree on the ring finger nail. Take your black nail art polish / stripper and draw a curved line on the side of your nail.  

   4. Next draw a few more curved lines for the tree branches.

5. Then keep adding more lines for the tree branches until it starts to look like a tree. We will let this part dry and come back to add the small leaf buds. 

6. Next we will create leaves on the index nail. Take your small nail art brush and first dip it in orange nail polish then create a leaf like shape on the sides of the nail, then clean off your brush with nail polish remover and do the same thing for the red and yellow polish. Do this until their is only a little bit of the light copper/ gold polish background showing. 

7. Now we will go back to the tree on the ringer finger nail. We will be creating the leaves on the tree, due to it being fall I made the leaves look like buds because in fall their is not many to no leaves on the trees. Take your dotting tool and create small leaves or dots on the ends of each branch. 

8. To add a little more to the tree you can add more leaves with a different color. First clean off your dotting tool with nail polish remover and once again dip your dotting tool in yellow polish and make small dots next to the orange ones.

9. Once again we will go back to the index finger nail to finish the leaves. We will be creating the veins on the leaves. Take you black nail art polish/ stripper and draw small vertical lines on each leaf.

10. For more veins on the leaves draw two more lines on the sides. Then after that you can draw two more above those (not show in the photo above, refer to final photo of needed.)

11. For the middle finger nail we will also be creating leaves, but this time they will be a different shape. Take your small nail art brush dipped in orange nail polish and make a V shape on the side of the nail.

12. Repeat last step two more times then at the top make a point. Then on the other side repeat the same thing to create a leaf on the other side.

13. For an optional look, I painted a yellow over the bottom leaf and red over the top leaf. Once that is dry add the veins to the leaf by drawing a vertical line and lines on the side of the leaf, for this part follow the outline of the leaf, for the bottom leaf make seven lines. For the top leaf make six lines. (not shown in the photo above)

14. While we wait for the middle nail to dry, we will paint leaves on the pinky nail. For this nail I decided to do a mix of both of the shapes of the leaves, one yellow leaf like the leaves in step 12 and one red, orange, and yellow (which is had to see in the photo, it is on the other side of the red leaf) like the leaves in step 9. Just like before fill up most of the nail with leaves only leaving a little bit of peach polish showing.

15. Once the leaves dry once again add the veins of the leaves, by taking your black nail art polish/ stripper and drawing a vertical line, like in step 10 draw draw four more lines on the sides for the veins of the leaves. (not shown in photo above)   

16. For the thumb nail we will be making a turkey. The turkey I end up making was cartoon like, you can make your turkey cartoon like or more realistic it just depends on your style. First we will start of by making the head, I ended up using a dotting tool for this, if you want you can also use a small nail art brush. If you choose to us a dotting tool, dip the large end of the dotting tool into brown polish and with a stippling motion create a circle, then fill it in. 

17. Next is the turkey's body. Once again if you choose to use a dotting tool, first if needed you may need clean off your dotting tool. Then dip the large end of the dotting tool in brown polish, with a stippling motion create two curved lines on the side then fill in the body. If needed you can also use the smaller end to help fix the shape. 

18. Now we will be creating the bright feathers on the turkey. Take your small nail art brush and deep into a coral color polish (I used Tangerine Crush) and make a triangle like shape with no point at the top, on the top of the head and on both sides.

19. Repeat step 18 until the whole turkey is filled with feathers. The other colors that I used was yellow for four of the feathers, and orange for three more feathers. As always, you can paint the feathers whatever color you would like. After you are done with the feathers we need to make the beak. You can use your nail art brush or dotting tool for this. I used the dotting tool and made a small upside down triangle. 

20. Then after you are done with the beak we will create two eyes. First clean off your dotting tool, then dip the large end into white polish, and make two dots above the beak.

After the white dots for the eyes have dried, clean off your dotting tool. Now with the small end of the same dotting tool dipped in black polish, make two dots inside the white dots. Once your Thanksgiving nail design has dried apply a top coat. Now you are finished with this cute Thanksgiving nail design.

 Just an extra photo to show all of you the turkey design on my left and right hand. I rotated this photo so the turkey on the right side is actually my left hand, and the left side is 
actually my right hand.  

Hope everyone enjoyed this Thanksgiving nail design,and hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving with lots of yummy food and, the most important part, enjoy the time with your families and friends!

See you next time for my next design tutorial! 


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