Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ooh Coconut, hand/ body scrub update

Hello everyone! For this week I once again have an extra post for all of you. This is more of an update on the hand and cuticle care post I did back in August. For the most part, when it comes to the products that I use for my hands and cuticles even my nails, I use the same thing unless I don't like the products. 

When it comes to hand/ body scrub I have tried a few, with the most recent one that used that was included in my August post about hand and cuticle care, The Premier Dead Sea salt hand/ body scrub. Although this worked good the price was way too high, $30 for the scrub and another $30 for the lotion. So I spent $60 on a lotion that was not good and a scrub that did work okay but was just not worth $30. 

That scrub did last me about two year. I just used it before I would paint my nails,which is just once a week. Before I got that scrub I had used the Yes to Carrot pampering hand and nail spa. Unfortunately, like most products that you seem to like, they no longer make it. 

  Yes to Coconut hydrate & restore polishing body scrub

Now that the over priced Dead Sea salt scrub is gone, I came across this product at Target from the Yes to line that is new: The Yes to Coconut hydrate & restore polishing body scrub. I love the Yes to Carrots super rich body butter, so I thought I would give this a try. On the jar it says that it helps smooth dry and cracked skin. The coconut husk is an natural exfoliate, and their is sweet almond oil that is a natural moisturizer. You use this like any scrub. I take about a spoon full of the scrub rub it into my hands and take a nail brush to rub it in just a little bit better (mainly into the nails), then wash it off in warm water, then dry the hands.    

  Yes to Coconut hydrate & restore polishing body scrub, what it looks like in the jar

From the first time that I opened this to actually using it, even though I have only used this a few times, I love this body scrub! This scrub smells so amazing! If you love the smell of coconut then you will love this because it smells like the real thing. The texture of this scrub is gritty, sand like which I love in a hand scrub. Seeing how it is dry hand season right now it is hard to tell if this does what it is supposed to as for long term use. But when I first used this hand scrub it does make your hands feel very soft. 

For the Yes to Coconut I highly recommend it! I love the Yes to line and find the products that I have tried to worked very well. This line is a natural product which is supposed to be better for you. 

The Yes to Coconut hydrate & restore polishing body scrub cost  $7.99 at Target. 

I have only seen the Yes to Coconut line at Target and Ulta, I am unsure if this is an exclusive for those stores.Though I have found the Yes to line at many different stores that sell beauty products.

Hope this post was helpful, also if you missed the hand and cuticle post don't forget to check that out as well. Click the link below

Hand and Cuticle care 

As always Hope you enjoyed this post/ update about hand care!

See you next time for more nail fun!  


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