Friday, November 14, 2014

Munchkin's Favorites- Blueberry texture

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a few weeks since I last did a post. As stated in my last post, Autumn Harvest, I was on vacation (went on a Caribbean cruise) for about a week. I got back late last weekend and was feeling a little sea lagged. That is why I have not posted any nail designs for two weeks. I was just trying to get back into the swing of things and get back use to being on land. 
Well now that I am back from vacation, I will continue with all the fun and bright nail designs I like to show all of you.

For this weeks post I will be doing a Munchkin's favorites. Their are many nail polish trends out their from holograph, matte, glitter, shatter, texture, the list goes on. The polish that I will be going over/ reviewing is one of my favorite finishes, textured polish. 
When it comes to textured polish unlike regular polish that is smooth and shinny, textured polish has a gritty sand like feel to it, but still can be shinny (depending on what kind of textured polish you get, their is some with glitter and with out.) I think that textured polish is a little similar to glitter polish other then it is more gritter to the tough.      

This polish is from the Julie G collection it actually has been out since last year 2013 (but it is still available at Rite Aid), it was part of the Frosted Gumdrops collection. I had just bought this polish this summer and had been waiting for a good time to give this polish a try. I thought what better time to give this polish a try then when I went on vacation for a week, to test the wear. 

As you can see from the picture above the color looks kind of purple, but it is actually suppose to be a light blue with some silver in it. For some reason when I put this polish on in different light, sometimes it would seem to look purple then other times it would look like it 's true color of light blue.When I looked up other peoples switches of this same polish it looked like a very bright blue, so I am unsure why this polish seem to change colors for me. 

  Here it the Julie G Blueberry Fizz in the bottle, where it clearly looks blue.

In shade this polish looks purple in sunlight it looks light blue.

As for wear, I did use a base coat and topcoat even though on the bottle it says          
for full effect do not use top coat. For textured polish I found if you use a thin layer of top coat you can still have the full effect of the textured polish. As for the textured polish it self I used three thin layers to have the color be opaque. The wear of this polish was excellent, all thought I did not have the normal wear and tear that I get from work. This polish lasted about ten days with very little chipping (mainly just a little chipping on my index finger on the right hand.) I normally touch up my nails every other day to every day, but due to me being on vacation I did no touch ups.  

When it comes to textured polish I have found the wear of any of these polishes to be very good. As for the Julie G blueberry fizz, I really like this polish and would recommend it. This polish was great for vacation, where you might not have time or the polish to touch up your nails. 

The Julie G polish can be found at Rite Aid for a good price of $3.99.   

See you next time for my next design tutorial!

Once again sorry for the lack of posts, but for this week I will make it up to all of you with some extra post! 

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