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Little Big Planet- Sackboy

Hello everyone! For this week's nail design I have a video game nail design for all of you, Little Big planet inspired. I am not really one that likes to play video games, but this is one of the very few games that I do enjoy playing, due to Sackboy being cute. Little Big Planet is a series of games that has come out in the past few years, this is a plat-former/ level and world creator game. As of last Tuesday (November 25) PlayStation 3 and 4 released it's next Little Big planet game, Little Big Planet 3. To celebrate this new release, what better way than to create a Little Big Planet themed nail design for all of you.    

Lilttle Big Planet nail design
The main character in Little Big Planet, Sackboy. The final Little Big Planet design.

Here are the Polishes and Nail tools that are used for this Little Big Planer design: 

Top coat and base coat- Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat, Nicole OPI-  3in1- base, top, & strengthener, and NYC- Matte Me Crazy topcoat (to make Sackboy matte)

Nail art polishes- Color Club nail art- Black, and Kiss nail art- White.

Nail polishes- Cover Girl- glosstinis Blue Hawaiian, Sally Hansen- xtreme wear- White on, Wet n wild- wild shine black, NYC- Fashion Safari, NYC- SoHo, Sally Hansen- xtreme wears- Ocean View, Sinful Color- HD Nails, Sally Hansen- xterme wear- Sun kisses, Sinful Color-Let's Meet, and NYC- big apple red creme. 

* I know it may seem like there is a lot of polishes for this tutorial, but most of the colors you are only using a small amount of. 

Nail tools- Dotting tool, Nail art stripper/ thin nail art brush, makeup sponge, and a small  glass jar with nail polish remover in it to clean up nail art brushes and dotting tool.  

The skill level for this Little Big Planet nail design is:


This design has a lot of steps, which for the most part are simple. The one that is most tricky, due to it being done free hand is the LBP for Little big plant on the middle finger nail. Also, creating Sackboy can be a little tricky as well, due to the small lines that you need to create for the stitching on the head, and maybe even creating the facial features. 

1. Start off with a base coat.

 2. After your base coat has dried, apply a light sky blue to all of your nails.

3. Next we will be creating clouds (well cloud like). Cut a small piece of a make up sponge, paint a small corner of the sponge white. (White polish not shown in the photo above)

Then dab the sponge on random parts or the nail, it's okay if the sponging does not look very cloud like, this just gives a somewhat cloud effect. Also the clouds for the most part will be covered by the designs that we will be doing.

4. For the start of the design we will start off by creating LBP for Little Big Planet on the middle finger nail. This part is a bit tricky, and you just have to be very slow with this part and careful. For the L take your black nail art polish and slowly create an L shape.

5. Next is the B that will go right under the L. Once again take your black nail art polish and draw a vertical line, then for the curve in the B, I broke this part down into two parts to make it a little bit easier. For the top part of the B, I first drew half a curve lifted up the brush and then drew the second part of the curve, for the bottom half of the B you re-due the last step for the top part.

* I know that drawing letters is simple, but drawing letters with nail polish is a little bit harder that is why I broke down how I created the B and P. 

6. The last step for the LBP is the P. This letter is similar to creating the B, with just one curve. First draw a vertical line, and then once again I broke this down to make it simple, I first drew half a curve lifted up the brush and then drew the second part of the curve.  

7. Now we will create the planet on the index finger. Dip your dotting tool into blue polish and create a circle shape, then fill in the circle. Now we will wait for this to dry and go on to the next design. You can also use a nail art brush to make a circle too. 

8. While we wait for the plant to dry, we will work on Sackboy on the thumb nail. Take your brown nail polish and draw a curve at the top, leaving a little bit of blue at the top. Then fill in the bottom half with brown. 

9. Now back to the plant design and making the land formation. Dip your dotting tool into green polish and with a stippling motion create shapes to represent land. 

10. For the simplest design is the splattered paint on the pinky nail. Just take a few different colors and with the brush already in the polish dab different colors all over the nail. I used red, yellow, green, and orange. You can use whatever colors you would like.

11. Now back to Sackboy, time to create the eyes. Take your dotting tool and dip it into black polish and dot it on the face. If needed do this a few time to make the eyes big enough. 

12. Next we will create the peach stitching part above the head and then the smile. Dip your nail art stripper brush into a peach color and draw a curved line above his head.
I did get a little ahead of myself when taking the photo for this part; the smile should have been a separate photo. 
Next we will create the smile. Take your black nail art polish and draw a curved line at the top and then another curved line under that, you can also break the bottom part into two by drawing one curve then lifting up on the brush and drawing the other side if the curve.  

13. Next is the stitching on top of the head and the tongue. For the stitching take your white nail art polish and draw small line on top of the peach curved line all the way across. For Sackboy's little tongue, take your dotting tool or nail art brush and dip it into pink polish and drag your dotting tool or brush down to make a small tongue. 
Once your pink tongue has dried, take your black nail art polish and carefully fill in the mouth. Then once the black eyes has dried, dip your dotting tool into white polish and put a white dot over the black dot for the eyes.    

14. Last but not least is the paint brush with splatted paint. Take your brown polish on the side of the brush and swipe a small brown line.

15. For the bristles, take your peach colored polish and on the side of the brush, draw a brush shape. 

16. Then take whatever color you would like (I used orange) and dab orange all over the nail, then once the bristles of the paint brush have dried paint a little bit of orange on the top.

Lilttle Big Planet nail design To Finish Sackboy now that he has dried, take your matte topcoat and paint over just the brown part/ Sackboy. 
With just regular polish I had trouble creating a burlap sack texture, I tried many different ideas that where just not working out. So I decided that just putting a matte top coat over Sackboy would work out.
Also as a final touch I did dab white polish on the sponge over the blue part for clouds over Sackboy's head.

Lilttle Big Planet nail design
After your design has dried apply a regular shinny top coat to all the nails and the top blue part above Sackboy, do not put a shinny top coat over Sackboy otherwise he will lose his matte look. 

Lilttle Big Planet nail design A different look at both right and left thumb nails of the Sackboy design. I borrowed my fiance's PS3 control for this photo, to just show a different way of showing my thumb 
nail design.

Hope everyone enjoyed this nail design that I created for all of you. Just like in the game itself you create different levels to share with all of your friends and other gamers. I thought it would be cool to make a Little Big Plant nail design to go with this game. 

This design is actually one that I came up with, as there were very few (maybe three) Little Big Planet nail designs that I'd seen online. So this design gave me more free range to be more creative, knowing not many people have made a nail design like this.

Once again hope you all enjoyed this cute Sackboy/ Little Big Planet themed nail design!    

See you next time for my next design tutorial! 

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