Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday's

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's! It's that time of year for giving, and  receiving gifts and spending time with family and friends. So no matter what Holiday you celebrate, I think each holiday shares the same thing, that spending time with friends and family is the most important part.  
This is also the time of year for bright and colorful nail polish, which at M.M.M, we love bright colors. I love bright colorful glitter polishes and just bright colors in general, which you can find a lot of this time of year. 

For today's Christmas nail design, I wanted to keep it simple with all the Holiday activities and shopping going on, I thought it would be better to keep it simple, that way you are not spending half or all your day doing your nails.

Here is my fiance and I first Christmas tree in our first apartment. The final Christmas nail design.

Here are the nail polishes and nail tools used for this Christmas/ Holiday nail design:

Top coat and base coat- Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat, and Nicole OPI-  3in1- base, top, & strengthener.

Nail art polishes/ strippers- Kiss nail art- silver.

Nail polishes- Snowman rainbow glitter- frosty, NYC- big apple red creme, NYC- Broadway Burgundy Frost, Sinful Color- HD Nails, Revlon- Gold Coin, Loreal- textured polish, pop the bubbles, Loreal- textured polish, too dimensional, and Sinful Color-Let's Meet.

The Skill level for this Christmas/ Holiday nail design is:


This Christmas design is very simple. With a few nails have a very simple design with just glitter on the ring finger, a slanted green and gold design on the pinky nail, and a simple circle shape for the ornament. The only nails that might take a little more time and be a little tricky is the ribbon on the gift and may the tree a little bit.

This is a great design to try out before or after you finish your last minute Christmas shopping. Let's get this bright Christmas nail tutorial started!

1. Start off with a one thin coat of base coat, to help your manicure last longer and to prevent any possible staining.

2. First paint all of your nails a Christmas red. I first painted one coat of a solid red, then painted a red glitter polish over the red. The red glitter is very subtle and kind of hard to see in the photo above.

3. On the ring finger we are keeping it simple with just an accent nail with glitter. You can use the same glitter polish in the photo above, which is a rainbow glitter with big and small chunks of glitter or any kind of glitter you would like that would fit the Christmas theme.

Here is the glitter polish that I used for this design. I really wanted to 
implement this cute snowman glitter polish some way into today's design. 
I got this snowman polish from Meijer in the Christmas area for around $2.00.  

4. Back to the nail tutorial. Next we will be rapping/ making a Christmas gift, by starting off with the ribbon. Take your silver nail art polish/ stripper and draw a vertical line in the middle of the nail.

5. Then draw a horizontal line in the middle of the line you just made.To make this a little bit easier, start at one corner then go to the middle lift up on the brush and repeat on the other side.

6. To finish your gift, we will make the bow. Draw two small line on the corners of the ribbon. Do this on both sides.

7. Then make a curved line at the top to connect the lines to make a bow. Then draw a line under the loops you just made, do this on the other side to finish your bow.

8. Now for the pretty glitter ornament that you find on your Christmas tree. Take your dotting tool or a nail art brush and dip it into a glitter texture polish, make a circle then fill that in. I thought a textured polish would go well for a Christmas ornament; there are ornaments that have the same feel and look as a textured polish.  

9. Then we will make the hook that helps the ornament hang on the tree. Take your silver nail art polish/ stripper and make a small line at the top of the ornament then make a curve at the top. 

10. Another really simple design we will be making is a slanted stripe design on the pinky nail, with Christmas colors. Take your green polish with the side part of the brush, swipe the polish to make a slanted line, you may need to go over this a few times to make it opaque, then do this again with a gold polish right under the green polish (not shown in the photo above.)

11. Now for the final design we will be creating the one decoration that you think of when you think of Christmas: the Christmas tree. Take your thin nail art brush, dipped in green polish and make a triangle at the top then make two curved lines on the sides, then draw more curved lines under that until you get to the bottom of the nail. 

12. To make your tree thinner you can make more thinner curved lines. My tree ended up looking a little bit thicker. Once you have finished your tree we need to make a tree topper, a star. Take the small end of your dotting dipped in yellow polish; make a line down the middle, two on the side, and two on the bottom to make a star. 

For some finishing touches, on the ribbon add a small bit of glitter, by taking a tooth pick and getting just a little bit of glitter and putting it in the middle of the bow. On the ornament take another textured polish color and with the side of the brush swipe a line in the middle, for an optional detail, take your silver nail art polish/ stripper and draw two lines one under and above the line you just made, this is to outline the strip. 
Then for the tree it needs some ornaments, you can either make dots with your dotting tool or take the same glitter polish you used on your ring finger and paint it on the tree. The simplest way to do this is to take a thin nail art brush and follow the outline of the tree.

Once your Christmas/ Holiday nails has dried apply a topcoat. Now you have a perfect nail design for your Holiday get together.

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season and a Merry Christmas!

I look forward to creating more fun and bright nail tutorials for all of you in the upcoming new year. 

See you next time for my next design tutorial!



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