Friday, January 29, 2016

Waddle Waddle- Penguin

Hello everyone! Where I live, as soon as January came it got very cold and snowy, so I thought what better way to beat the winter blue then to create a cute simple penguin/ winter nail design. 

Penguin and Winter nail design 
 Penguin and winter nail design 

The nail polish and tools used for this design will be right next to the images as we go.

The skill level for this penguin and winter design is:

   Beginner Basic 

This design is simple and great for somewhat beginners. The design is mainly on the thumb with a penguin and a snowflake on the ring finger nail, and then just solid color. The only part that might be a little bit hard is creating the penguin.  

Bur it's cold outside, let's go inside and create some cute nail art!

 Base coat used: Nicole OPI-  3in1- base, top, & strengthener

1. As always start off with a base coat to protect your nails.  

Polishes used: Sally Hansen- Hard as Nails- Black Heart, Zoya- Estelle, 
and Finger paints- Tiffany Imposter.

2.  Once your base coat has dried, paint your thumb nail black for the penguin, your index, middle, and pinky nail a metallic blue which will stay as is, and then your ring finger a light blue for the snow. Also for an add touch on the ring finger nail you can apply a glitter over the light blue.

 White acrylic paint and a small thin nail art brush

3. First we will start off with the snowflake on the ring finger nail, we will just make one large snowflake and small dots later for small snowflakes. To make the large snowflake take your thin nail art brush dipped into white paint and make a star shape. 

4. To add more detail to your snowflake just add small arrow like shapes on the larger lines, just like the photo above. Also make sure to add the small arrow like shapes all around the snowflake. 

 White acrylic paint and a small thin nail art brush

5. Next we will create the cute penguin. First we need to make the white part of the body. Once again take your thin nail art brush dipped into white paint and make an M shape near the cuticle, then kind of outline the shape of the nail, making sure to leave some black all around. Once you have the shape you fill in the body with white, you may have to go over it a few times to be opaque enough. 

Black acrylic paint and a small nail art brush

6. Once your penguins body has dried, we will make his facial features. With your thin nail art brush dipped into black paint make two small dots to know where to start to make the eyes, then make them a little bit bigger. 

 Yellow and red paint to make orange. 

7. After we finish the eyes we will make the beak. If you don't have orange paint, then you will need to make some orange, which is simple, just mix a little bit of red and yellow together then you have some orange. Once you have your orange, take your thin nail art brush and make a upside down triangle shape, and fill that in.


8. For a final touch we will add a scarf to our penguin. Take the same metallic blue that you used on the other nails and make a long line around your penguin, and then two small lines coming down on one of the sides.    

Penguin and Winter nail design  Final Penguin and Winter nail design

9. For the penguin you can always stop at the last step or add some small feet. If so take the orange paint you made and make a curved line and then three small lines for the feet. 

China glaze- white on white and a medium dotting tool

10. Also for a small touch on the ring finger nail you can add small dots for small snowflakes. With a medium dotting tool dipped into white polish, dot a few dots around the larger snowflake.  

Once your cute penguin and winter nail design has dried apply a top coat to seal in and protect your design. As always I used Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.  

Hope all of you enjoyed this cute nail design!

See you next time for more nail fun!   

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