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M.M.M Top 6 Nail Polishes of 2015

Hello everyone! For this week I am doing and extra post for all of you. This has been a good year for nail polish and a good year in general, as for me personal doing this blog has helped me to discover new polish colors and formulas, and even brands from main stream to indies. So I decided what better way to bring in the new year than doing a post about my top six nail polishes. You may ask why six nail polishes? Well I didn't want to do top sixteen to bring in 2016 (that would be way to many!), so I though I would just do six, for the six in sixteen if that makes any sense. 


Let's get into the M.M.M top six nail polishes of 2015!    

KB Shimmer Blue- d Line 
Number 6 is KB Shimmer Blue- d Line. This was one of my first indie brand nail polish that I purchased from Harlow & Co. The formula of KB Shimmer polishes are amazing, this was opaque in two coats and applied very well, and of course who doesn't love holographic nail polish! It's like a rainbow in a bottle! 

Color Club's Harp OnColor Club's Harp On      
 Color Club Harp On on my index and ring finger nail 

Number 5 is Color Club's Harp On. This color is an oldy but a goody, this color came out a few years ago in the Color Club Harp On Spring collection 2013. The formula on Color Club polishes are amazing as well, they go on great in two coats, and once again gotta love the Holographic. This has a intense linear holographic that is full of rainbow goodness.

Nicole By OPI A Lit- Teal Bit of Love Nicole By OPI A Lit- Teal Bit of Love
 Nicole By OPI A Lit- Teal Bit of Love near the tips of the nail

Number 4 is Nicole By OPI A Lit- Teal Bit of Love. This is another oldy but goody. I have had this polish for a long time, and I have loved it ever since I bough it. My favorite color is blue and I usually gravity to blue polishes. This polish is very beautiful metallic, shimmer blue that goes on in two coats. It maybe a little hard to find because it is kind of old, but I still love this color and though it was worth mentioning.

 Zoya's Aurora.

Number 3 is Zoya's Aurora. I have few oldy but goodies this is yet again another one, this is from Zoya's Ornate Holiday collection from 2012. This polish was one of the Zoya polishes that I had been eyeing for a long time then final purchased. This is another beautiful polish, with a purple base and scattered holographic glitters in it. It does take three coats to get opaque, but that is okay it still comes out looking amazing.

Zoya's Dream

Number 2 is Zoya's Dream. We got another oldy but goody, this came out in Zoya's Zenith Holiday collection in 2013. This is very similar to Aurora, it is just blue, it has scattered holographic glitter in it as well. This color lives up to it's name Dream, it is so beautiful and amazing. This also cover in three coats, but once again is not a big deal. This was the other Zoya polish that I had been eyeing for along time, and then I finally purchased. 

Zoya's Dream and Aurora 
         Zoya's Dream and Aurora on the nails

Number 1 may not be a surprise if you have been following the M.M.M blog at lest for this year. 

OPI Go with the Lava Flow 

Number 1 is OPI Go with the Lava Flow. This polish actually came out this year in the OPI Spring/ Summer Hawaii collection. This is a beautiful pink/ red tone polish, with gold shimmer in it. It looks amazing in sun and seem to look a little different depending on the light. This polish has a good formal and is opaque in two coats. This polish also is very special to me and has become my sentimental polish. 

     Photo courtesy of Weddings of Hawaii. OPI Go with the Lava Flow on my nails

Here is the reason why this polish means so much to me. This polish was the color that I wore this summer when my hubby and I got married in Hawaii. I wanted to be kind of literal with the color I choose, with out being boring. So I went with a color from the Hawaii collection. 

This has been a pretty good year and an extra special one, a very big moment/ event happen. I final go married in Hawaii and it was perfect and I could not have asked for a better day. Also I am glad that I could share my love of nail designs and polish with all of you, and I look forward to share more nail polish fun with you in the coming year. 

I look forward to more big and exciting things in the coming year!

Hope all of you enjoyed this M.M.M top 6 polishes and have a safe and Happy New Year 2016!

See you soon for more fun and bright nail fun!     

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