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The Mysteries of Zoya- Mystery Box Review

Hello everyone! Hope all of you had a nice Holiday, and sorry it has been a while since I did a post, but now I am starting to feel better. For today's post I want to share something kind of cool that I purchased around the holidays, it is the Zoya Cyber Monday mystery box. I know that it is kind of late to review this, but all the products in this box are still available on, so if you are interested in some of the items in this box you can still purchase them. 

 Zoya 2015 cyber Monday Mystery box 
 Zoya 2015 cyber Monday Mystery box

Here is what the mystery box looks like. When you went to order this mystery box Zoya does not tell you anything that is in the box it is all a secret, for me I personally like that the mystery box was all a secret. Also this box is suppose to contain some of Zoya's most popular items.

Okay let's see what is in this mystery box!  

We will start off with the polishes, seeing how this is a nail polish company (they do have some lip products) their was mainly all nail polishes and one lip item, and here at M.M.M that is awesome!

Zoya Naked Manicure
Naked Manicure 

The first things we got in our mystery box was the Naked Manicure system, well a starter set. It has the naked base, the perfector, and  the glossy seal.

This system is meant to help correct, treat, and protect your natural nails. After time this system is suppose to make your nails looks healthier and become stronger. 

For this starter set like any other manicure you do you start with the naked base, which helps to refine the nails surface and to treat damage, along with strengthener and hydration. Then you apply the pink perfector, which provides a glow and brightens. Then last you can apply the glossy seal for a shinny finish.

I normal don't like to keep my nails "naked or bare" or with out polish, but I did give this a try for about three days and it seem to work well, it did protected my nails, I am just not sure about long term use. Also a few time I have wore the base and top coat over and under color polish, which I am unsure if you can do that, but why not at least give it a try.

This system seem to be good, and would be great for someone that may not want to wear polish all the time and their nails may need some TLC. 

Their is so much to this system that it would take up a separate post, so I just waned to go over the basics of the system. If you are interested in the Naked Manicure here is the link to find out more about it. Zoya Naked Manicure  

Here is a link and price for each item above. 

Naked Base $12 (full size)

Pink-Perfector $10 (full size) 

Glossy Seal $12 (full size) 

Naked Manicure Womens Starter Kit  This is not show above, this is the Perfecting starter kit for $30

Zoya 3 in 1 remover 1oz
      Zoya 3 in 1 remover 1oz

Next we have a small 1oz bottle of the nail polish remover. This is meant to remove your nail polish, a nail cleaner, and prep. 

This remover is acetone free, gentle on your nails, and not drying. It is said to moisturize, nourish, and fortify your nail plates, along with extending your polish wear.

Before I got this box I had only tried a small 2oz bottle of this remover that came free with the dream box that I ordered a while a go. I usually just use it to clean up any extra/ small amount of polish that would be around the sides of my nails after removing most of my polish. But the little amount I would use at a time seem to work well.

This remover is pricey, so if you like this remover try to purchase it when their is a deal going on. For their 8oz it cost $9.99, 32oz $25

Here is a link- Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover    

8oz big flipper remover, buy 4 get 2 free for $40 Zoya Big Flipper remover 

 Qtica body Intense lip repair balm 
 Qtica body Intense lip repair balm

This is the only non nail polish product that came in the box, the Intense lip repair balm. This is a thick lip balm that is good for very dry, cracked lips, this is meant to help heal and seal in moisture for irritated and very dry lips. 

As for this lip balm so far I have only used it once, it is very thick and sticky, defiantly meant for someone with very dry lips. When I first applied this balm it tingled a little bit, but after a little while that feeling went away.

Link for the lip balm-

Zoya Redbook Trio collection
Zoya Redbook Trio collection from left to right Renee, Cindy, and Marjorie.

Last but not least is the Redbook trio collection. For this collection Zoya team up with Redbook magazine to pick three reader, to name the polishes after inspiring women in their lives. Which is an awesome idea and their stories are great and very inspiring. If you would like to see their stories here is the link Redboo Color Stories    

As for the polishes Renee is a cherry, fire engine red cream, Cindy is a sheer gold glitter, and Marjorie is a shimmery plum. 

All of these polishes wore very well. The red and plum was a one coat wonder, but just to make sure that they fully cover the nail it would be best to apply two coats. The gold glitter was very sheer and I just used it as a topper for the red. 

Here is photos of the colors on the nails.

Zoya's Marjorie 
One coat of Marjorie with the Naked base and top coat

As stated above I don't know if you are suppose to use the naked base and top coat over color, but I did anyways. It did wear well with the naked base and top coats, the only thing with the top coat it  did get a little dull after a few days, but with a touch up it was good.  Also with Marjorie I should have applied two coat to show the full color, but it was okay with one coat.

Christmas design with Zoya Renee and Cindy
The Christmas design, with Renee and Cindy as a topper.

This was the design that I had already to go, then I started to feel very sick and did not get a chance to write up the post. I am including it in this because the two polishes I wore are from this collection. 

Here is a link to the Redbook trio- Redbook Trio- Limited edition  (This one has a limited edition box)

Regular Redbook trio  both are $27 

This box cost $20 with free shipping and had a value of $70 of products in the box, according to Zoya's website. As for value when looking at the price of each item it was around $70. 

In conclusion I am very happy and pleased with this mystery box. It was a great deal, paying $20 for this box with everything that came in it. I would highly recommend this. I am unsure how often Zoya does mystery boxes, but whenever they do then I recommend purchasing them. 

Hope all of you enjoyed this mystery box review!

See you next time for more fun nail polish tutorials and nail fun!      

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