Friday, September 12, 2014

Strawberry Blitz

Hello Everyone! For today's post I have another fruit themed nail design. Lately, I have decided that I wanted to have a theme for a few weeks for my nail designs, so for now, I will be doing fruit inspired nail designs. For this week, I will be doing another one of my favorite fruits: The strawberry! This has always been one of my favorite fruits, and I can remember from when I was little I would eat strawberry's right out of my mom's garden (she wouldn't even get a chance to pick any of them, I would always eat all the strawberry's I could get a hold of) Now a-days, I just wish they would last longer, as usually when you buy strawberry's from the store you have to eat them fast because they go bad really quickly.  

Here are the polishes and tools I used for this design: 

Polishes: Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat, NYC- big apple red creme, Sinful Color- Mint Apple, Sinful Color- HD Nails,and Sinful Color-Let's Meet.

Tools: Glass jar for nail polish remover, dotting tool, and a small nail art brush (The DL professional 10pc nail art brush from Sally Beauty, I numbered them from 1 largest - 10 smallest, this one I number brush 7.)

The Skill level for this Strawberry blitz nail design is: 


Due to this design only having four basic steps, of just painting simple lines for the leaves on the nail tips and dots for the seeds on the strawberry's, I gave this design a beginners rating.

1. Start off my painting all of your nails red. I used two coats to get the red to be opaque.

2. Next at the tips of your nails take your nail art brush dipped in light green polish and drag the brush down a little bit to create a leaf (do this until you have leaves all the way around the tip of your nails.) I just dragged the brush down to create a simple leaf, when you get to the end part of the leaf you can also draw a point to make the leaf look more like a leaf, I just decided to keep the leaves looking simple. 

3. For these leaves I decided to change them up from the Pineapple design I did last week. For these leaves after you paint all of the leaves around the nail with light green, you go over every other leaf with dark green, or you can leave them as is with light green leaves, or make all of them dark green. (Between the light and dark green make sure to clean off your bush with nail polish remover.)
4. The last step is to create the seeds on the strawberry's. Take your dotting tool and dip it in yellow polish and create random dots all over your nails.

After your strawberry blitz nail design has dried, finish this look off with a top coat to protect your design.

If you would like your strawberry's to look more realistic, as stated above you can make a point at the end of your leaves to make the leaves look more like leaves.The seeds you can make them thinner by using a tooth pick to create thinner seeds.  

Hope everyone enjoyed this simple strawberry themed nail design! See you next time for my next design tutorial!


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