Friday, October 6, 2017

Under the Sea- Mermaid Nail Design

Hello everyone! Today we will be creating a fun design that would probably better for summer, but Halloween is coming up so maybe all of you could create this on your nails for Halloween. Anyways we will be create a mermaid inspired nail design, mermaids and unicorns have been a big thing this year, it seems like they are on everything, so I thought it would be cool to make mermaid scales on our nails.   

 Mermaid Nail Design
 Mermaid Nail Design

Here are the nail polishes and tools used for this mermaid nail design-  

Base and Top coat- - CND Stickey Base Coat and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Nail polishes- Sinful Color- Gorgeous, Sally Hansen- Triple Shine- Make Waves (optional not needed, all you need really is one of these types of polishes), Revlon- blue mosaic,Color Club Halo's- Harp on, and KBShimmer- Blue- d Lines.

Acrylic paint- black and white.

Nail art brushes- small detail brush, very small thin detail brush.

Other- Small cup or glass jar with water in it to clean off nail art brushes.

Let's start this under water adventure to find a mermaid or even two. 
   Mermaid Nail Design
        Mermaid Nail Design

As always start off with a thin layer of base coat.

Once that has dried, on your thumb, index and pinky finger nail polish those nails with a shimmery blue/green polish (I used Sinful Colors- Gorgeous and for some reason to be extra I used Sally Hansen- Triple Shine- Make Waves, but really you only need one polish.)

For the mermaid scales on the middle and ring finger nail, polish the middle finger nail with a silver holographic polish, and then the ring finger nail with a blue holographic polish. I feel like using holo polish for the scales would be the best!

Once your base colors have dried we will make the scales. I did hand paint these on my nails which is much harder, but their is another option, their is mermaid scale nail vinyls that will make this design much easier. But today we will be creating this by hand. 

For the scales with a very thin nail art brush dipped into black paint, starting near the cuticle  make three upside down U's, then under that making sure that the next line of U's don't line up, and make another line of U's. Do this all the way down the nail. You can make the scales small (like I did) or big it is up to you.        

Mermaid Nail Design 
   Mermaid Nail Design, with Seashell

Next we will create the seashell on the thumb nail. With a thin detail brush with white paint on it, first make a small rectangle near the cuticle area, then for the shell details make some long U shapes going in a circle for the shell shape. 

Once that has dried take your silver holo polish and fill in the shell, you can use the the brush that is in the bottle, you don't really need to use a nail art brush for this. Also you may need to go over the shell two times to be opaque. Also the outline you just made you most likely will have to go over that again because you cover it up when you filled in the shell with the silver holo polish. 

Mermaid Nail Design 
 Mermaid Nail Design

For the final touch on the index and pinky nails we will just polish a mermaid looking glitter polish, that has small and large blue glitter, and large silver and green glitter in it.  

Also on the thumb nail with the seashell, add a little of the same glitter around the shell as part of the background.  

Mermaid Nail Design
  Mermaid Nail Design

Once your mermaid nail design has dried apply a top coat to seal/ protect your design.

Hope all of you enjoyed this fun mermaid nail design that you can wear just for fun or for a upcoming Halloween party, coming up toward the end of this month.

See you next time for more nail fun!   

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