Friday, October 20, 2017

Woof Woof- Puppy Nail Design

Hello everyone! Today's design was a design that I actually had on my nails last week and wanted to do a post last week, but I was not feeling up to doing one, I was feeling sleepy and my nose was acting weird (not sure if it has been my allergies or what.) Anyways If you like cute animals, then you will really enjoy this weeks post, we will be a creating a cute puppy on our nails.

Puppy Nail Design  
Puppy Dog Nail Design  

Here are the nail polishes and nail tools used for this puppy nail design:


Base and Top coat - CND Stickey Base Coat and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Polishes-  OPI- Hello Kitty- My Pal Joey, Finger paints- Tiffany imposter, and Nicole by OPI- That's Just Plain Nuts!

Acrylic paint- black and white.

Nail art tools- large dotting tool and a thin detail brush.

Other- a small glass jar or cup with water in it to clean off your nail art brush.

Let's start this cute puppy nail design, woof woof!

Puppy Nail Design  
 Puppy design on the thumb nail

As always start off by polishing all of your nails with a base coat, my fav is CND Stickey Base, this will help your polish to last longer.  

Once your base coat has dried polish your thumb, middle and pinky finger nail with a light blue polish (I used Finger paints- Tiffany imposter), then on your index and ring finger nail polish that with a darker blue (I used OPI- Hello Kitty- My Pal Joey.)

Once your base colors has dried, we will first make are cute puppy on our thumb nail. Start off by take a brown polish, and with the brush that is already in the bottle make a circle shape in the middle of your thumb nail, by first making a curved line near the tip of the nail, then another one under that, then fill in the circle.

* Let this part dry, and you can go onto another part of the design on the other nails, but for this tutorial we will go on to the next part of the puppy.*

Once your puppies face/ the brown circle has dried we will make his ears. With a small detail brush with black paint on it, make two floppy ear shapes on both sides of the head.

For his eyes take a large dotting tool with black paint and dot two eyes in the middle of his face.

For his nose you can use a dotting tool or just a thin brush, I used a thin brush to make a oval shape for his nose. Under his nose make a curved line and two small lines at each end for his cute little smile. 

For his little paws, just make two ovals under his face. 

Back to his eyes, take a small detail brush with white paint on it and make a small dot in the middle of the two large black dots. 

Now your cute little puppy is done!    

Puppy Nail Design
 Puppy Nail Design 

Now that we have our cute puppy we will add more to this design with some paw prints, a bone and the word woof.

First we will make a paw print on the index nail. Just take a small detail brush with black paint on it and make a large circle and then with a dotting tool, dot three dots on top of the larger dot for a paw print.

On the pinky finger nail this is basically the same thing, so we will jump to that nail. Take your large dotting tool with black paint on it and make a few dots around the nail (I made 4 dots) then above those dots, make three smaller dots with your smaller end of the dotting tool.  

Back to or on to the next nail the middle finger nail to make your puppy a bone. Take your large dotting tools with white paint on it and make two large dots right next to each other, near the tip of the nail, then a little ways done the nail do the same thing. Then with a thin brush with white paint on it make a line going down the middle to make a bone.

Lastly we will paint the word woof on our ring finger nail. This part can be tricky you just have to keep your hand on a flat surface and try to keep you hand steady. With a thin detail brush with white paint on it going down your nail paint the word woof.

Puppy Nail Design  
 Puppy Nail Design 

Once you have your puppy nail design the way you like, apply a top coat to seal in your design, to protect your nails and to help your design to last. 

When I had this design on my nails I had many people as me if I have a dog, no I do not but My hubby and I would like to have a puppy one day. I just thought this was a very cute design to do on my nails and to show all of you how this design was done. 

Hope all of you enjoyed this cute puppy nail design!

See you next time for more nail fun! 

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