Friday, June 30, 2017

How Despicable- Minion Nail Design

Hello everyone! I don't know about all of you but I am super excited about a certain movie that just started today Friday, June 30! If you have been checking out this blog for a while or know me personally then you know I love minions.That why when I found out their was going to be another Despicable Me movie, I just had to create another minion nail design for all of you. 

Despicable Me, Minions Nail Design
Minions Nail Design

Here are the nail polishes and nail art tools used for this minion nail design:


Base and Top Coat - CND Stickey Base Coat and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Nail polishes- Sally Hansen- Triple Shine- Lemon Shark, China glaze- white on white, Sally Hansen- Hard as Nails- Black Heart, and Zoya- Estelle. 

Acrylic paint- Black and white.

Nail art tools- two thin detail brushes, and nail art tape (not shown in the photo above)

Other- glass jar with acetone for cleaning nail art brushes and a cup of water for cleaning nail art brushes, and tweezers to pull up the nail art tape.

For this minion nail design I decided to go with the whole theme of good/ bad minion. In the previews of the movie I have seen that the minions go to jail for some reason, that's why I thought that would a good theme. 

Let's start this Despicable design!

Despicable Me, Minions Nail Design

As always start off with a thin layer of base coat.

Once that has dried, polish your thumb, index, middle,and ring finger nail yellow. Then polish your pinky finger nail white.

Then once the yellow and white polish has dried, we will start the minion part of this design.
On the thumb and middle finger we will create the bad minions with his black and white striped jail outfit. Then on the index and ring finger we will create the good minions with their blue overalls. 

For all of the minions near the tip of the nails make a square in the middle, with some of the yellow still showing on the sides. Also on top of the square make a long line that goes all the way around the nail.

For the bad minions fill in the square with white paint or polish, then for the good minions polish that part blue. 

 Despicable Me, Minions Nail Design
 Despicable Me, Minions Nail Design

Now on to the minions eyes or eye. For all of the minions make a thick black line in the middle of the nail for their goggles. 

On the thumb and index finger nail, the minions have two eyes and the middle and ring finger nails they have one eye. For all of the eyes or eye mix a black and white paint together to make a grey (unless you already have a grey paint), then make one or two large circles for their eyes,this is for the start of their goggles

Once that has dried make a smaller white circle in the grey circle. For the good minions make a smaller black circles in the white circles.

For the bad minions we will make them look mad, take a yellow polish and make eyelids for the minions, by just making a line above their eyes and filling in the top part with yellow polish. After that make a small black circles for their pupils.

For the good minions make a smile under their eyes or eye. Then for the bad minions make a straight line for a more evil/ mad looking minion.

To finish the bad minions we need to add their jail outfits, by just adding thick black stripes to the white square. 

Despicable Me, Minions Nail Design 

Now you are finished with your minions. I wanted to have an even number of minions, so on the pinky finger nail I just created black and white stripes. You can do this by take two thin pieces of nail art tape and placing them next to each other, I made three rows for the stripes. 

Then polish right over the tape with black polish, then right away (don't let the polish dry!) take some tweezers and pull off the tape.

Despicable Me, Minions Nail Design 

Once you are happy with your Despicable, Minion nail design apply a top coat to protect and seal in your nail design. 

Despicable Me, Minions Nail Design  
Are you just a bad minion? Usually I do another design on my other hands that is a little more simple (maybe?) On my right hand, I did the bad minions on my thumb, middle and ring finger and polished my index nail black and did the same black and white stripe design on the pinky finger nail. 

Hope all of you enjoyed this minion Despicable Me nail design, along with the movie. I'm sure I will enjoy the movie as much as I enjoyed the other ones, along with creating this design that I shared with all of you.

This is not the first time that I have created a minion nail design, after this post you can also check out that nail design as well.
minions nail design 

See you next time for more nail fun!      

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