Friday, November 20, 2015

Pika- Pika- Pikachu/ Pokemon Design

Hello everyone! Today on the M.M.M blog we will be creating Poke balls and Pikachu nails. Their really is no reason that I wanted to create this design for all of you, other then just for fun. My hubby and I did just recently went to an anime convention, that was why I didn't post a few weeks ago and even though that is over with I still thought it would be cool to make Pokemon themed nails. I am personally not a big anime fan, I pretty much just like Pokemon and a little bit of Hello Kitty. 

Pokemon, Pikachu/ Poke ball nail design
 Pika- Pika, Pokemon/ Pikcahu nail design

Here are the nail polishes and nail tools used for this Pikachu/ Poke ball design:

 Base and top coat- Nicole OPI-  3in1- base, top, & strengthener and - Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Nail polishes- Sinful Color-Let's Meet, Finger paints- Cubism Crimson, and China glaze- white on white. 

Nail art polish-  Kiss nail art stripper- Black.

Acrylic paint- black and white.

Nail art brushes- thin slanted nail brush, and small thin nail brush.

Nail art tools- small glass jar with nail polish remove in it, and a cup of water to clean your brushes.

The Skill level for this Pikachu/ Poke ball nail design is:

Beginner to Intermediate

This design has some simple elements to it, the Poke balls are for the most part simple to make. Pikcahu can be a little bit harder to make due to the small parts of his face. Other then that their is not that many small details to this design, which makes it a little bit easier to create. That is why this design is both for beginner and for more intermediate level nail artist.

Let's start this Pickachu / Poke ball nail design! Pika- Pika!!

1. Start off with a base coat to protect your nails.

2. First we will make the shape of Pikachu's head. With a bright yellow nail polish make a curved line near the middle of the nail, then fill in the rest to the nail tip.

3. The other nails we will make Poke balls. Paint the top part with a red nail polish, and then the bottom near the nail tip with a white nail polish.  For the top part you can first swipe the polish across the nail then fill in the top. It is okay if the red and white polish do not look perfectly lined, we will fix that later.

4. Now back to Pikachu. We will add his ears, just take the brush that came with the nail polish and swipe on the sides of his head two ears. 

5. Next we will make Pikachu's face. With a thin nail art brush dipped into black paint start off by making kind of an outline of his face, his eyes, nose, and mouth. 

6. Once you have the outline of Pikcahu's face, with your black paint make Pikachu's eyes bigger and if need you can make his nose a little bit bigger.

7. For Pikachu's ears he has black at the tips. With a thin nail art brush dipped into black paint make a triangle on the tip of each ear, then fill that in.

8. Now to add Pikachu's red checks and a cute tongue sticking out. Take your thin nail art brush dipped into a red nail polish (I found that using acrylic paint near the tips of the nail would wear away faster, and that it is better to use polish.) and make a circle on each side of his face. Then just swipe a small line near his mouth for the tongue.

9. Back to the Poke balls, we need to add a black line in the middle of the red and white. Take a black nail art stripping polish, starting from one side of the nail then going to the middle, then on the other side met the line you just made. Make this line some what thick, you may need to go over this a few times to make it thick enough. 

10. Next we will make the center part of the Poke ball. Take a thin nail art brush dipped into black paint and make a small circle in the middle of the line you made.

Pokemon, Pikachu/ Poke ball nail design
 Final Pikachu and Poke Ball nail design

11. Once the black circle has dried, take your clean thin nail art brush dipped into white paint and make a smaller circle in the middle of the black circle

Then to finish Pikcahu, we just need to add the white circles in his eyes. Take your thin nail art brush dipped into white paint and just dot the brush on the black circles for his eyes.   

Pokemon, Pikachu/ Poke ball nail design
 Pikachu nail design with a big Poke ball

Once your cute Pikcahu and Poke balls nails have dried apply a top coat to seal in your design.

Pokemon, Pikachu/ Poke ball nail design
Pikachu and Poke Ball nail design

Which Pokemon is your favorite? My favorite has always been Pikachu ever since Pokemon was introduced to America from Japan because I thought he was one of the cutest Pokemon. 

With this nail design you can always change the Pokemon to whichever Pokemon that is your favorite, or just keep Pikachu.

Hope all of you enjoyed this Pikachu/ Poke ball nail!

See you next time for more fun tutorials!

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