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Minnie Mouse Nail Design

Hello everyone! Today we will be creating a Minnie Mouse nail design. In the past I have created two Mickey Mouse nail designs, so today we will show Minnie Mouse some love as well. Growing up and still now I have always loved Mickey and Minnie, but Mickey has always been my most favorite. How about all of you which one is your favorite or do you love both Mickey and Minnie the same? 

Minnie Mouse Nail Design
Minnie Mouse Nail Design 

Here are the nail polishes and nail art tools used for this Minnie nail design: 


Base and top coat- CND Stickey Base Coat and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Nail polishes- Zoya- Renee- Redbook trio, Glitter Daze- Let's have a Waikiki, and Sally Hansen- Hard as Nails- Black Heart. 

Acrylic paint- Black, white, red, and peach.
(Using paint for nail art makes things so much easier, if you mess up you can always wipe it off, as long as the paint has not dried.)  

Nail art tools- large dotting tool, thin detail and liner brushes, and a very small thin detail brush.

a small cup of water to clean off your nail art brushes.

Let start this Minnie Mouse nail design!  

Minnie Mouse Nail Design 
Minnie Mouse Nail Design

Apply a thin layer of base to clean dry nails, to help protect your nails and to help your Minnie design to last.

Let that dry.

Then polish your index, ring, and pinky nail with a red creme polish, then polish your middle finger nail with a black polish, lastly polish your thumb nail with a glitter pink polish. 

Let that dry as well.

Dots on the Index and Pinky Finger nail:

Once your polish has dried we will start the nail design, first off we will create the dots that are on the index and pinky nail. This is done simply by taking a large dotting tool with white paint on it and make a line/ row of dots, I started from the bottom right hand corner near the cuticle and then went up the nail, still staying in a row, that way the dots look neat. 

Minnie Mouse Nail Design 
Minnie Mouse Nail Design

This time I wanted to kind of start off with the hard part first, after all this was the nail that I started off with when I did this design. I  do jump around a lot when I do my nails, just to let parts dry on each nail. 

This design is basically the same as the Mickey Mouse nail design, you just need to add a bow and eye lashes. But of course I will go step by step through the process of making Minnie.   

Minnie Mouse on the Thumb nail:

On the thumb nail we will start off with Minnie's face shape, we will be using peach acrylic paint for this part, first make kind of a heart shape at the top for her head and then make to half circles on the sides for her checks. You will need to go over this a few times to be opaque.  

Then on to her ears and the side of her face. For the side of her face just follow the outline of the top of her head, but just make this part is kind of thick. Then make two circles on top of her head for her ears. 

* I actually ended up making her head a little to big and had to squish her ears in, but I still think Minnie turned out good, so make sure if you create this that you don't make her head to big and give yourself enough room for her ears.*   

Then on to Minne's face. We will first make her eyes, take a thin detail brush with white paint on it and make two long ovals right next to each other, then fill them in with the white. Once that is dry make two smaller black ovals in the white oval for her pupils.

For her nose, first make a large arch right under her eyes, then under that arch make a oval for her nose and fill that in with black.
For the final touches for Minnie's face we need to make her smile, take your very small detail brush with black paint on it make a large curved line, then two small curved lines at the end of each of the larger curved line.

Right now our Minnie is looking more like Mickey, to change that we need to add lashes and a bow on top of her head. For her lashes take your very small detail brush with black paint on it and above her eyes make three lines for her lashes.

For Minnie's bow, on top of her head make a red circle right between her ears, then on each side of that circle make kind of a side ways heart shape for the bow it's self. You will need to go over this a few time to be opaque. 

Once her red bow has dried take the smaller end of your dotting tool and make some small white dots on her bow. 

Now the hard part is over and you have a cool looking Minnie Mouse on your thumb nail. 

 Minnie Mouse Nail Design 
Minnie Mouse Nail Design

Now on to the more easier parts of this design, the Mickey Mouse shapes, that are actually upside down for the photos (oops!) and Minnie's bow.

Mouse Head shapes on the Ring Finger nail:

For your mouse head shapes take a large dotting tool with black paint on it and dot one large dot for the head and two more on the side for the ears, do this a few more time all around the nail, I did this three times. 

Repeat this same step for the white mouse head shapes, and it is okay if the white and black shapes over laps some. I also did this three times as well.  

 Minnie Mouse Nail Design 
 Minnie Mouse Nail Design
Minnie's Red Bow on the Middle finger nail:

Lastly we will be creating Minnie's iconic bow on the middle finger nail. This will be the same as the small bow that we made on Minnie on our thumb nail, just bigger. 

With a detail brush with red paint on it, make a big red circle in the middle of the nail, then on each side of that circle make kind of a side ways heart shapes for the bow it's self. You will need to go over this a two time to be opaque. 

Then let the red bow dry, then with your dotting tool with white paint on it make a few white dots on the bow.   

Minnie Mouse Nail Design
 Minnie Mouse Nail Design

For this design because we used a lot of red and red's are know for smearing, I suggest waiting longer for this one to dry before top coating, the last thing you want to do is to smear your design that you worked so hard on. 

When top coating first start off with the nails that are not red, like Minnie and the bow, then with a lot of top coat on the brush kind of glide over the red nails to try to make sure they don't smear. 

Also here is the practice version of the Minnie design as well.  

Hope all of you enjoyed this Minnie Mouse nail design!

Also if you have not checked out my recent Mickey Mouse nail design don't forger to check that one out as well. happy 90th birthday mickey mouse

See you next time for more nail fun!

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