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Day of Love- Valentines Day Nail Design

Hello everyone! Happy Valentines Day! This week I am posting a little bit early because of Valentines day being on a Thursday. Today we will be creating a pink and red gradient, with some swirls and hearts.

Valentines Day Nail Design   
Valentines Day Nail Design 

Here are the polishes and tools used to create this valentines day nail design. 


Base and top coat - CND Stickey Base Coat and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Polishes- Zoya Sunshine- Minnie, Zoya Sunshine- Virginia, and Revlon- Holographic Pearls- Transforming Effects. 

Acrylic paint- white.

Nail art tools- thin stripper brush and a makeup sponge.     

Other- liquid latex for easy clean up around your nails or you can use tape, and a small cup of water.

What is your favorite valentines day treat? My favorite treat is of course chocolate and getting red roses from my hubby. 

Valentines Day Nail Design Valentines Day Nail Design
Valentines Day Nail Design

Start off with clean nails and apply a thin layer of base coat, and then let that dry.

Then polish all of your nails with a light pink, I used Zoya Minnie. 

Let that dry.

Once your base color has dried we will start the gradient, this gradient will start off with red near the tip of the nails and fade into pink near the cuticle. First to prevent a big mess you can apply a liquid latex to all of your nails, if you have a latex allergy you can put tape around your nails instead.   

For this step for making your gradient, you will need a makeup sponge. Take the same pink polish that you polished on all of your nails and polish the top half of the sponge with that polish and then overlapping that color just a little bit with a red polish (I used Zoya Virginia) right next to the pink. Then dab the sponge on to the nail until the colors start to blend together, you may need to repeat this step two more times to be opaque.

 Valentines Day Nail Design
 Valentines Day Nail Design

For this gradient I actually was able to do this the right way, with two colors on the sponge, a lot of time when I would do a gradient I would sponge one color at a time, this time I did both at the same time. On some of the nail I did still have to sponge one color at a time to get the colors to look more blended/ fade into each other . 

Valentines Day Nail Design  
Valentines Day Nail Design
 Valentines Day Nail Design 

Once you have your gradient the way you like, we will create the hearts on the nails. On all of the nail except for the thumb the heart design is similar. We will start off with the design that goes on all of the nails except for the thumb nail. 

This design was a actually a little hard to do because I had to paint the design upside down from the way I would view my nails, which I always do except for on my thumb nail, and I do have some trouble making curved lines. I do still think this design turned out really well even if I had a little bit of trouble.

Anyways take a thin stripping brush with white paint on it and make a heart shape, for the two swirls that met in the center, I took a cotton swab and wiped away the center part where the heart met and then painted in the swirls. Then at the bottom of the heart make two swirls, you can make them kind of different by having them go different directions or the same, it is up to you.  

Repeat this step on all four of your nails. 

Valentines Day Nail Design      Valentines Day Nail Design Valentines Day Nail Design 

On the thumb nail the design is a little bit different, I found this to be a little bit easier because when I was doing the design my thumb was facing me, I did not do this one upside down. 

For this design first start off by make a sideways heart near the side of your nail, then make a swirl staring from the bottom part of the heart, add another one from that one, then near the top of the heart make three swirls. Lastly on the other side of the bottom part of the heart make two more swirls. Hopefully that make sense, for the swirls part of this design it is just random swirls that are place randomly. 

Valentines Day Nail Design  
Valentines Day Nail Design  
Valentines Day Nail Design 

Once you have your Valentines Day nail design the way you like apply a top coat to seal in your design and to help it last through your date night or if you are just wearing this design for fun. 

As I have stated in other blog post I get inspiration for my nails designs from Pinterest and then I make them my own. For this design I got inspiration from the YouTube My Simple Little Pleasures, she did a design that was similar to this one first and I wanted to give her credit. But as always I did change it up to make it my own.    

Hope all of you enjoined this valentines day nail design, My favorite nail was my thumb nail I really like how that design came out.

Happy Valentines Day! See you next time for more nail fun!   

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