Friday, September 11, 2015

Tropical Passion Flowers

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of post for the past few weeks, I was not feeling well last week. Anyways I don't know about everyone else but this summer went way to fast! But as long as the weather is still hot, why not still do a summer/ tropical nail design. For this week we will be creating a Hawaiian flower themed nail design with hibiscus and plumerias. 

Tropcail flower nail design
Tropical Passion Flower (Hibiscus and Plumerias nail design) 
 Yes I am still in a tropical mood, I don't think that will ever stop!

Here are the polishes and tools used for this tropical flower nail design:
Base and top coat- Nicole OPI-  3in1- base, top, & strengthener and Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat. 

Nail polishes- OPI Hawaii- Go with the lava flow, Cover Girl- glosstinis Blue Hawaiian, and Finger paints- Cubism Crimson.

Acrylic paint- White, yellow, and green.

Nail tools- small thin nail brush, and a very thin detail brush. a glass jar with nail polish remover in it for cleaning nail art brushes. 

*Other supplies- a basic paint brush for mixing paints, a cup of water to clean brush off, and a piece of paper or foil to mix your paint. 

The skill level for this tropical nail design is:  


This design is, for the most part, quite simple. Their is basic flower shapes and for blending the acrylic paint you just need to make a shade lighter for the green. 

Let's start this pretty tropical flower nail design! 

This design will be a mix of using nail polish and acrylic paint. 

1. Start off with a base coat.

2. Once your base coat has dried paint all of your nails except your pinky finger, with a light blue. Then paint your pinky nail a pink/ red shimmery color (I used OPI Go with the lava flow.) 

3. Once again wait for your polish to dry, then we will start to make the plumeria. We will make a plumeria on the index and ring finger nail. After the last tropical nail design that I created, I fell in love with using acrylic paint for creating the small designs on the nails, so I once again deiced do use acrylic paint. Take your white acrylic paint and squirt a small amount on to a piece of paper or foil, then dip your thin nail art brush into the paint and make a rounded petal shape at the top and then two on the sides. 

4. Then to finish your plumeria shape make two more petals under the two on the side. Do step 3 and 4 on the ring finger nail as well.

5. For the detail of the plumeria take your small thin nail art brush dipped into yellow acrylic paint and start to make small lines working from the center of the petal and then outward, like the photo above. Do this on each petal.

4. Now for the hibiscus, we will be making a hibiscus on the thumb and middle finger nail. This flower shape is similar to the plumeria. Take your thin nail art brush dipped in a pink/red shimmer color nail polish and make a rounded petal shape at the top and then two on the sides.

5. Just like the plumeria make to more petals under the two on the sides. 

6. For the leafs we will be switching back to using acrylic paint. Take your green and then some yellow and make a lighter green, then dip your thin nail art brush into the green and make a longer line in the middle, then small lines from the sides to make your leaf. Repeat this step for the leaf on the other side. 

7. For more detail in the leafs, take the original darker greed and create the vines in the leafs. 

8. Now for the center yellow part of the hibiscus. Take your yellow acrylic paint and draw a curved line from the center of the flower, and then dot a few small dots at the top of the curved line.     

Tropcail flower nail design
9. For the last detail of the hibiscus take your thin nail art brush dipped in a red polish and make small thin lines from the center of the flower going outward.  

For the pinky finger nail I decided to just leave that nail with just a solid color (Go with the lava flow) I did this so I would have equal number of flowers on each hand. 

Once your tropical nail design has dried, apply a top coat to seal in your design.

For this design you can use all nail polish or use both acrylic paint and nail polish, I now find it much easier to use acrylic paint for the designs/small details. 

Hope all of you enjoyed this tropical design and if you live some where that gets cold in fall and winter, enjoy the warm weather that we are having!

See you next time for more fun and bright nail designs!  

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