Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day

Hello everyone! It's Valentine's Day, the day of love! Either if you have someone or not this day can be special for everyone.You don't necessarily have to have a special someone, you can celebrate friendship or family.

For today let's celebrate the love for one another with this Valentine's day nail design. 

Valentine's day nail design
 Valentine's Final Nail Design

Here are the Nail polishes and Nail tools used for this Valentine's Design:

Top Coat and Base Coat- Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat and - Nicole OPI-  3in1- base, top, & strengthener. 

Nail Polish- Maybelline- Color show- Rose rapture, OPI mini- Liquid sand- The Impossible,NYC- Broadway Burgundy Frost, NYC- big apple red creme.
Two Glitter heart nail polishes- Nicole by OPI- Love your life and Revlon- top speed- Hearts of gold FX. 

Nail art tools- Small glass jar with nail polish remover to clean off nail art brushes, a small thin nail art brush, and optional heart stencils from the Sally Hansen I heart nail art kit. 

The skill level for this design is:  

This design is simple, with basic heart shapes, done with stencils and by freehand. Then just adding heart shape glitter pieces to the nail.

Let's begin this Love themed nail design!

1. As always start off with a thin layer of base coat.

2. Paint all of your nails except your index nail, with a rosy or simmer pink polish. Then paint your index nail with a pink texture polish. 

3.Once your textured polish has dried take a pink glitter heart polish and place the hearts on the nail. 

This part can be a little tricky, the polish Love your life from Nicole by OPI was kind of hard to get the heart pieces out, they all sunk to the bottom of the bottle. So you need to fish out the hearts by taking the brush and grab some of the heart glitter piece. First make sure you put a small dot of the polish that the heats came in to help the hearts stay on the nail. Then once you have a heart piece take a toothpick, pick up the heart and place it on your nail, do this until you have a good amount of hearts on the nail.  

4. Repeat the last step for the pinky nail. I used Revlon- top speed- Hearts of gold FX to give a slightly different look with small gold glitter and silver heart glitters. If you only have one heart glitter polish you can always use the same polish for both nails. 

5. Next we will be freehand drawing a bigger heart. Take your small thin nail art brush and dip it in a red glitter polish or just a plain red polish. Then starting at the bottom, near the tip of the nail make a V shape then draw to curved lines on the sides, then draw the top of the heart. I actually did this for the thumb nail and I thought it turned out better to start at the bottom of the heart, which on the ring finger nail (in the photo above) I did not do. 

6. Do this step again for a large heart on the thumb nail. 

7. Another and more simple way to create hearts is with a stencil. I used the heart stencil that came with the Sally Hansen I heart nail art kit. Just simply place the sticker stencil on the nail, paint over the heart shape, and then peel the sticker up. 
Of course this sticker stencil becomes a bit worn due to its stickiness after using it a few times, so I am unsure how many time you can really use this. 

Valentine's day nail design
After your lovely Valentine's day nail design has dried apply a top coat. Make sure if you put a topcoat on the texture polish that it is a thin layer. Also the nails that have the heart pieces on them make sure to have a good amount of topcoat over them, to help them from coming off.

Hope all of you enjoyed this Valentine's day nail design, that would be great for a date or just a fun time with the girls. 

Happy Valentine's Day and see you next time for my next design tutorial!

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