Friday, April 24, 2015

Rain drops keep falling on my nails!

Hello everyone! April is known for being a rainy month (even though it is actually almost over with), for this weeks nail design I thought that I would show all of you a rainy day themed nail design, that actually looks like rain drops on your nails along with some clouds in the sky. Also their is no water involved in this tutorial. 
Rain drop and clouds nail design
 Rain drops keep falling on my nails! Rain drop and clouds nail design

Here are the nail polishes and nail tools used for this rainy day nail design-

Base coat and top coat- Nicole OPI-  3in1- base, top, & strengthener, Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat, and NYC- Matte Me Crazy topcoat.

Nail polishes- NYC- Water street blue, Pop-arazzi- The Hue is Blue, and Sally Hansen- xtreme wear- White on.

Nail tools- three different size dotting tools; an extra large, large, and medium size dotting tools.

The skill level for this rainy day nail design is:

  Beginner basic

This design is very simple, it just consists of random dots for the rain drops. For the clouds this also consist of more dots to form the clouds. 
Let's start this lovely looking rain drop tutorial!

1. Apply a thin layer of base coat to protect your nails.

2. Once your base coat has dried, apply a light sky blue to your thumb and ring finger for the blue sky. Then apply a little bit darker blue to your index, middle, and pinky nail. Then let these two colors dry. 

3. Once your nails have dried, its time to do step one of giving your nails that rain drop effect. For just your index, middle, and pinky nail apply a matte top coat, this will help to make your rain drops pop and show up on your nails. Then leave your ring and thumb nail that are painted a sky blue with no top coat until the end. 

 4. As we wait for the matte top coat to dry, we will start on the clouds. Take your extra large dotting tool dipped a generous amount of white polish, then lightly dot two dots right next to each other on the top of where you want to start your cloud. You may have to keep dipping your dotting tool in polish each time you make a dot, to make sure your dots will come out.

5.Wipe your dotting tool off on a paper towel or napkin, then dip the dotting tool in white polish again, then make two more dots under the first dots you made to start to make a cloud shape. 

6. To finish your cloud you may once again need to wipe your dotting tool off, then dip the dotting tool in white polish. Then on the other side of the cloud shape, dot one more dot to finish your cloud. 
For the clouds repeat step 4- 6 as many time as you like to fill up the nail, just remember to leave a little bit of light blue showing. Also do the same thing on your thumb nail.

7. Once you have the desired amount of clouds on your ring and thumb nail, we will go on to the next step of make the rain drops. Take your extra large dotting tool dipped into a generous amount of clear polish or top coat, then dot random dots on your nail. Repeat this step with different size dotting tools, a large and medium sized dotting tool along with your extra large doting tool. You may have to go over the dots a few time to get them to show. The first coat when it dried did become a little flat, but once I added another layer to the dot it was better.

Rain drops and clouds nail design
Once your nails have dried apply a top coat to only your thumb and ring finger nails. For your rain drop nails just let them dry, do not apply a top coat. Now you have realistic looking  rain drop with clouds. 

As always, you can do all the rain drops on your nails or even do every other nail with rain drops and clouds. Also this design, like most designs, is inspired by a design that I found on Pinterest, that I make my own. But to be fair I will still give them credit Inspired rain drop nail design    

Hope all of you enjoyed this cool rain drop and cloud nail design!

See you next time for my next design tutorial!

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