Friday, June 5, 2015

Magnificent Finds- Glitter Problems? No Rub Power Gel Acetone Review

Hello everyone! For this week on the M.M.M blog, this will be a post that I have not done in a while. If you have been checking out the M.M.M blog regularly, then you may remember that ever so often I would do a post called Magnificent Finds, this is when I find a cool or hope to be cool/ great nail product that I do a review on. 

For this Magnificent Find we have a cool product that I technically did not come across in stores, but discovered through a YouTube channel called 'CutePolish', and I thought I would give this a try specially for all of you.

Nail- Aid No-Rub Power Gel Acetone Remover

This product is called the Nail- Aid No-Rub Power Gel Acetone Remover for removing glitter polish. As all of you fellow nail polish lovers know that removing glitter polish can be a pain. Although we do love the look of glitter, when it comes time to remove it can be a task.

You do have a few ways that you can remove the glitter. The cotton ball scrubbing method, or the foil method of putting cotton and foil on your nails.

Although these methods work, sometimes it just seems like to much work just to get glitter polish off of your nails. It just seems like their should be a better way.    

Nail- Aid No-Rub Power Gel Acetone Remover
Here is the pink acetone gel remover that removes the glitter polish off of your nails.

Nail- Aid No-Rub Power Gel Acetone Remover
On the back of the jar their are three simple steps to follow. This gel promises to remove glitter with little effort, no need to rub off your polish, produces glitter free nails fast, won't dry out you nails like most acetone removers do, no spilling, drips, or wasting any remover.

Let's see if this stuff really works!
We will start off with a nice glitter manicure, using two nails with glitter on it for test purposes. On the middle finger nail I painted it with a larger rainbow hex glitter and the ring finger nail with a small purple and blue glitter. I did this to see if both remove well, or just one, or none of them. 

I followed the three steps on the back to make sure I was doing everything right. Step one, dip your nails one at a time (it might be okay to do more at one time) in the gel and fully coat the nail with the gel.

Take your nail out, then close the jar tightly. Do make sure to coat the nail with a good amount of the gel. Step two, you have to let the gel sit on your nails for 4 to 5 minutes, do not rub the gel. 

Step three, (I did not show in a photo) take a paper towel, press the paper towel over the nail, and just wipe the nail. Then, once your are done, wash your hands with soap and water to get all the gel off. Also on the bottom of the jar it says to always clean the rim of the jar after each use.  

Let's see the end results, did it work or not? 

As you can see, my middle finger nail with the large glitter, did not remove as well as I had hoped.The ring finger nail, with the smaller glitter, worked out better.   

The No-Rub Power Gel Acetone Remover is a nice alternative to normal remover, even though you do still have to use regular remover. I am unsure if every time I paint my nails with glitter polish if I would use this or just use regular acetone remover. Although this is a nice alternative, it still seems time consuming due to the fact that you still have to use regular polish to get all the glitter off. 

This remover was not drying like normal acetone remover, it does smell worse then regular remover (yes don't be like me and get the bright idea to smell this gel!), their is a lot of product in the jar (4.6oz to be exact) which could last a long time depending on how much you use this.

In conclusion, this product just takes some trial and error to get it to work. I did use this a few times before this review just to see how it worked, and it some what had the same results, this time it did work better with the small glitter.

If you are interested in this No-Rub Power Gel Acetone Remover for now it's only available at Walmart and online. At Walmart it cost $3.88 with tax $4.11.

On No- Rub gel website it costs $7.00.

Also their is a No- rub gel remover for dark polish as well, which I did not purchase.

If you would like to see the CutePolish review I added a link to her video:

Hope all of you enjoyed this review and maybe even give it a try for your self!

See you next time for more nail fun!

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