Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring waterfallls

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence of a post last week, I was feeling very tired from the week and just did not feel up to doing a one. Now I am back for another Spring themed nail design! For this design we have another simple look, a waterfall theme using the colors from the Zoya spring collection and two colors from the OPI Hawaii collection. 

Spring waterfall nail design
Spring color themed waterfall nail design

The nail polishes and nail tools that are used for this waterfall nail design is:

Base and top coat- Nicole OPI-  3in1- base, top, & strengthener and - Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

Nail polishes- Zoya Mini- Rayne, Leslie, Daisy, Lillian, Eden, OPI mini- Hawaii- That's Hula-rious, and Suzi shops & island hops. 

Nail tools-  A medium length thin nail art brush, and a shorter thin nail art brush. A glass jar with nail polish remover in it to clean off nail art brushes. 

The skill level for this waterfall nail design is: 

 Beginner basic 

This design is great for beginners. This is very simple and basic, with different lengths of short and long lines to resemble a waterfall. 

Let's start this colorful Spring waterfall nail design:

1. Start off with a base coat.

2. For all of your nails we will be using shimmery pastel colors. On the thumb and ring finger paint your nails a light blue (Zoya's Rayne), the index and pinky nail a light purple (Leslie), and your middle finger nail a yellow (Daisy). 

3. Once your shimmery colors have dried, we will be using some cream pastel colored polishes over the shimmers, to create the waterfall design.Take your thin medium length nail art brush dipped into a light cream blue (Lillian), and on all of your nails near the cuticle draw different lines, some short and some long. 

4. Then for the next color, first clean off your nail art brush, then dip your thin nail art brush into a cream light pink (Eden) and right next to the blue lines you made paint some pink lines beside that. To fill up your nails just repeat these steps with a light green (OPI That's Hula-rious) and then use a lighter pink (OPI Suzi shops & island hops). 

5. For the ring finger, this has just a small difference to it. For this nail, the lines are longer and all the colors are used. Just like the other nails repeat step 3 and 4, and just make the lines longer and use all the cream colors and the shimmer colors.

Spring waterfall nail design
 Final Spring water fall nail design

Once your Spring waterfall nail design has dried apply a top coat.

For this design you can always use less colors or more colors for the waterfalls or just one color for the base color, it's up to you. This design can be great for any season and any color theme.

Hope all of you enjoyed this Spring waterfall nail design!

See you next time for my next tutorial!

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