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Julep Mystery Box May 2015

Hello everyone! In April I finally decided to get my first Julep Mystery box, and I was very pleased with it's contents and decided to get the following months box. For today's post I will be showing all of you May's box and all the cool stuff inside.

Julep Mystery box 
The Julep Mystery box

Just like April's box, everything came in a black box, but this month's was a little bit bigger. This box is not part their monthly subscription service, and if you want the mystery boxes each month you have to order them one by one, as they will not be automatically sent to you. 

Julep is a monthly nail polish and beauty subscription box that is sent to your home. The regular subscription boxes (The Julep Maven) for your first month comes with four items: two polishes and two beauty products. I believe after that you get two polishes and a beauty item. The monthly subscription is $24.99 a month or a month free (just pay for shipping) and then three months for $19.99. 

Let's see what's inside May's mystery box!

Julep Mystery box May 2015
Inside the May Julep Mystery box.

Brika Clutch
Brika Clutch

First we will start off with the Brika vegan leather pouch/ clutch. This clutch was made by the artist Avril Loreti from Brika specially for Julep, which was included in every mystery box.  This clutch measures at 9x11 and is great for holding your IPad, or other similar sized tablets. It also has a small zipper pocket on the inside that you can put your charging cord in.

Julep Lip Gloss Vivid
 Julep Lip Gloss with power cell complex

This box also came with two makeup products. I am not a makeup girl, so I feel that I can't give a fair review on these products, but I will tell you what I think of this as a first impression.

The first item is the Julep Lip Gloss with power cell complex in the shade Vivid. On the website it is described as a burgundy shimmer. This is a nice gloss as it is not too sticky, and a nice, natural color which I like. I am unsure if I would wear this very much, maybe every so often.
The retail price of this lip gloss is $20.00.  

Length Matters wow- impact Mascara
Length Matters wow- impact Mascara

The second makeup item is the Length Matter Mascara. This is described as a mascara that gives your lashes length with a lightweight formula that separates, defines, and curls your lashes. As for my first impressions, as a person that does not wear mascara, I didn't like it. It made my lashes feel weird and clumpy and looked like spider legs, but this could be just user error on my part.
The retail price of this mascara is $24.00.

Now for the fun part, the nail polishes!

Julep Polishes; Brandis, Lilou, Marcella, Chatoya, and Shayla
       Julep Polishes from left to right Brandis, Lilou, Marcella, Chatoya, and Shayla.

Brandis is a turquoise or green creme polish. This polish was almost opaque in one coat, but to make sure the nail was fully covered I applied a second coat. 

Lilou is a yellow lemon chiffon creme polish. This polish was streaky and a little hard to work with, it took three coats to be fully opaque.

Marcella is a pink creme polish. This was another polish that went on well and was almost opaque in one coat, but once again I applied a second coat. This was one of the polishes that they did say was in the mystery box.

Chatoya is a silver platinum glitter topper. This polish I wore over Marcella, this gave a nice sparkle to the pink polish. Although before I applied my usual top coat, this glitter seemed a little dull.

Shayla is a purple full coverage micro- glitter. This was a full coverage polish, it did take three coats to be opaque. I also tried this as a glitter topper over Hazel (a purple polish). This was also a nice polish, once again before applying a top coat this glitter seem a little dull. This was the other polish that they told you would be in the mystery box.

The retail price for each polish is $14.00.

Julep Brandis and Lilou

Julep Brandis and LilouBrandis and Lilou on the nails

I wore Brandis and Lilou last week and it wore very well, little to no chipping through out the week. 

Julep Marcella, Chatoya, and ShaylaJulep Marcella, Chatoya, and Shayla
Thumb and middle finger nail- Shayla the purple glitter used as a topper over Hazel, 
Index and pink finger nail- Chatoya silver glitter over Marcella, 
Ring finger nail- three coats Shayla the purple glitter. 

These are the colors I wore this week. They also wore just as well with little to no chipping. 

Once again I really liked the Julep Mystery box. The polishes where nice, but what actually drew me into getting this box was the Brika Clutch. I liked the bight colors and that it would be a nice option to put my IPad mini and the power cord together. As for the makeup, that was the only thing I did not care for. When it comes to April and May's Mystery box, I liked April's box a little more due to it having nail products only.
May's Mystery box cost $29.99 with free shipping. On Julep's website it says the retail value of this box is $150.

If you missed my review of April's Mystery box, don't forget to check it out too. 
Review of the Julep April Mystery Box

Hope all of you enjoyed this review of the Julep May Mystery box!

See you next time for my next design tutorial!  

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