Saturday, April 18, 2020

Nail Polish Collection Tag

Hello everyone! Today we will be doing something a little bit different, a YouTuber that I am subscribed to Kelli Marissa, did a My Nail Polish Collection Tag video about a week ago, and I thought it would be fun to answer the questions she had in her video. 

Here we go!

1. How many nail polishes do you own?  
 - I own 245 polishes this also includes my base and top coasts.

2. What is the first nail polish you remember buying? 
-  I don't really remember, but I do remember the first Zoya polishes that I bought it was Zoya's Dream, Aurora and Nori.
Zoya Dream, Zoya Aurora, Zoya Nori

3. What is the most recent nail polish you added to your collection?
- Zoya Alessia, Jen, Jett, and Kaede, this was back in January 2020/ December 2019. I have not purchased many polishes lately. 


4. What is your lest favorite nail polish you own?
- I would probably have to say OPI's Pineapples Have Peelings Too. This polish is just kind of weird, it has a gold base with rainbow glitter pieces in it, maybe if the glitter pieces where a different shade of gold maybe it would look better. This polish I bought because I wanted the OPI Hawaii collection, and really I can only think of one time that I wore this polish and it was just on one nail.
 OPI's Pineapples Have Peelings Too

5. What is the rarest nail polish you own? 
- I don't think I really have any rare polishes? Maybe the Glam Polish 626 collection it was a limited edition collection that is no longer available on the Glam Polish website.    

Glam Polish 626 collection 

6. The most expensive polish I own is? 
-  I would say Fun Lacquer Million Dollar Dream, I remember this polish being around $16, which I feel is kind of pricey for one polish. Other then that I know I have not payed any more for a polish.  

Fun Lacquer Million Dollar Dream 

7.  What brand do you own the most of ?
- Zoya, I own 45 bottles of Zoya polishes.

8. What color do you own the most of ?
- Properly blue polishes because that is my favorite color. 

9. Which nail polish in your collection means the most to you ?
- OPI Go with the Lava Flow this was the polish I wore when I got married in Hawaii and means the most to me.

OPI Go with the Lava Flow 

10.  What is your go to nail polish right now?
- Anything Holographic! 

Some other questions that I made up.

11. What is your lest favorite brand of nail polish?
- Essie, I only own five of this brand of polishes (four are minis). I just never care for this brand. When I worked in the nail salon I always hated when people would ask for an Essie because I feel like the brushes are a pain to work with and the formula is to thin or thick. I also personally think the polishes that Essie makes are kind of boring, and not innovative. 

12. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
- Of course Zoya. I feel like their polishes are always really good quality and I like that they do have some holographic polishes in their line. I would also say that I like OPI their polishes are nice as well, but lately I feel like they keep releasing the same colors over and over. Another brand I would say recently is China Glaze, I fell like that have been really trying to make more unique polishes. 

13. What is your lest favorite nail polish colors?
- Neutral, light pale pinks, white polish, basically anything boring.

14. What is your favorite nail polish colors?
- Of course blues, anything holographic, and I also like wearing red polishes on my nails, I feel like you can't go wrong with reds on your nails.    

Well that's all of the questions that I have.

Hope all of you enjoyed this post and maybe you can even answer these questions as well.

See you next time for more nail fun!  


  1. Good to read others polish thoughts :-D

    I only have a few Zoyas, I think I need more in my life haha!

    My 2 favourite brands are: Dance Legend (Russian) and Colour Alike (Polish). I like so many polishes though!

  2. Yes Zoya polishes are really great,I would say give them more of a try. I have never tried Dance Legend or Colour Alike, I do love a nice Indie brand polish, I just feel like their polishes are so unique and have great formulas.