Thursday, August 6, 2015

Paradise Sun

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a while since I have done a nail post. If you saw my last quick post,titled Big News, then you would know that something big happened to me over the time I have been away, I got married!
Anyways now that I am back, I have a summer collection to share with all of you (well three colors from that collection). The three colors that I got are from Zoya's Paradise Sun collection for Summer 2015. 

Zoya Oceane, Aphroite, and Selene
 Zoya Paradise Sun collection- Oceane, Aphroite, and Selene

The Paradise Sun collection contains six shimmer polishes. The three I bought, a pink, purple, and a shimmery white. Also another part of this collection is actually a second  collection, the Island fun collection, which contains six creme polishes that are similar to the paradise sun collection.

Zoya Oceane 

The fist color that I will be going over is Oceane, this is a beautiful shimmery ocean blue. That is described on Zoya's website as a turquoise with a micronized metallic pearl finish that is like the blue ocean waters.

Zoya Selene
Next is Selene, this is a shimmery green color that goes well with Oceane. On the Zoya website this is described as a teal with an aqua fleck, also with a metallic pearl finish.

Zoya Aphroite
Last but not least is the last color that I got from this collection, Aphrodite. This is a bright shimmery red, which is described on Zoya's website as a vibrant summer red with metallic pearl finish, which might remind you of tropical fruit.

When it comes to the three colors that I purchased I really liked them, they were all beautiful. They all applied great in two coats, very little chipping by the end of the week, manly just tip wear and chipping near the cuticles. I would say my most favorite of the polishes I got, would have to be Oceane. I love blues and seeing how I just came back from Hawaii this color reminds me of the beautiful blue ocean.

If you are interested in the Paradise Sun or Island fun collection they are available on 
Zoya Website .They are $9 a bottle or $54 for all six per collection. 

If you really enjoy Zoya polish I strongly suggest signing up for their emails or following them on Facebook, because it seems like they always have some kind of deal going on. For their emails you do have to create an account, but if you are going to buy from them it is worth it. 

For the three polishes I purchased I got a deal buy three for $15, and I found this out from their emails and Facebook.

Hope all of you enjoyed this review! 

See you next time for more fun nail tutorials!

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