Saturday, July 18, 2015

Big News!

Hello or Aloha everyone! You all maybe wonder where I have been in a few weeks, and wonder why I have not posted? Well I have big new! On July 7, 2015, I got married in Hawaii on the Island of Oahu, on the beautiful beach of Makapuu! My now husband and I have been together for ten years, and had a long engagement of five years, So it was long over due. 

We decided at the beginning of the year to go with a small wedding, and what better place then Hawaii. I had been looking online for a wedding service in Hawaii, and we ended up going with the amazing company Weddings of Hawaii. They went above and beyond to help to make our wedding perfect.

 Wedding photo courtesy Weddings of Hawaii 

Due to this being a nail blog I wanted to tell/ show all of you how I did my nails. At first I was just going to do a basic french manicure, then I thought that is boring and that everyone does that. So I decided to be literal with my nails, by painted them with "Go with the Lava Flow" from OPI's Hawaii collection. I just kept my nails simple with just the solid color and no nail design. 

 I also wanted to share one of our wedding photos with all of you. 

Many people think that having a destination wedding can be expensive, but if you keep it small it can actually be affordable. We kept it very small with just my mom and brother and my husbands parents. Also personal I think having a wedding in Hawaii on the beach is more memorable, and who would not want to get married in Hawaii.   
If anyone is looking to get married or vow renewal, Weddings of Hawaii is a great company to go with, and we highly recommend them. 

Aloha and see you all hopefully next week, I have been feeling very jet lagged after this trip (where we live there was a 6 hour time differences) and I just need to get back into the normal day to day thing.

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