Friday, January 16, 2015

Aurora, Dream- Zoya Dream Box

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of a post last week. I unfortunately brought in the New Year sick, and didn't feel up to doing a post. I work on my nails and blog post the weekend before then post that Friday. 
Anyways for this week, I ordered some polishes around Christmas time from Zoya, and have been very excited to try out these polishes and show them to all of you. 
On Zoya's website you can get Dream Boxes that have three different colors. When I ordered this back in December 2014 (a month ago) you could build your own Dream Box, by picking out any three colors from the Zoya polishes. But I just looked at the web site and unfortunately I do not see the ability to make your own Dream Box, just the pre-made boxes. Maybe this was something special for the holidays, but hopefully they will bring that back.

Here is the Zoya Dream box

The Zoya Dream box like any package comes in a brown shipping box. But the way they put all the items in was a little weird. The box above was flat and you have to put it together, and the bow was in a bag, also their was another white box that has a matte finish to it and has a magnet on it to open and close the box (this is the box that you put the polishes in.)

The matte finish that the three polishes come in.

Zoya Dream box
The small box that Zoya put the polishes in.

This Box, as stated above, came with three polishes of your choice and a small bottle of the Zoya nail polish remover that is supposed to be a really good nail polish remover. This box also came with two color brochures of their 2014 Spring and Fall collection.  

 Zoya 3- 1 nail polish remover. Remover, cleaner, and prep. 
This is a small bottle 2 fl. oz/ 60ml

 The Two brochures of the Spring and Fall collection, each brochure has swatches 
of all the Zoya polishes.

Now the part I am sure you all have been waiting for, what colors did I pick! The three colors I picked were:

Dream- This polish has been out for a while now, this color was part of the 2013 holiday collection. Dream is a dark blue, scattered holographic polish, that has a jelly like formal.

Aurora- This is another color that has been out for a while now, It was part of the 2012 holiday collection. Aurora is a purple, with scattered holographic polish, that also has a jelly like formal.

Nori- Is part of the 2014 Pixie Dust collection. Nori is a blue textured polish that has holographic hex glitter. I unfortunately heard that Zoya will be discontinuing the Pixie Dust collection, which surprised me because I figured this was a very popular collection. But hopefully they will bring this collection back. 

Zoya Dream box
 The three polishes in the box, this is a nice box to store your polishes. 

Zoya Aurora and Dream
Of course I had to give at least two of the polishes a try. So I tried the two I was most excited about, Dream and Aurora. These polishes are amazing! The colors look so beautiful, and they go perfectly together. The blue and purple with the holographic looks great!
I did have to apply three coats of polish, the first two coats where very sheer, but by the third coat it looked great. I have been eying these two colors for the longest time and I am not sure why I didn't buy these much sooner. If you love holographic polish that is very shinny, you will love this. I highly recommend that If you don't already have these two beautiful polishes in your collection, to pick these two up. 

Zoya Aurora and Dream
          Dream and Aurora with a flash light shined at the nails. This polish looks great in sunlight or a bright light. 

Zoya Aurora and Dream
Natural light by the window. It's a cold gloomy winter day, so I tried to capture the beauty of this polish as best as I could with natural light.  

The Zoya dream box cost $30 on (I chose free shipping), the individual polishes of Dream and Aurora cost $9, and Nori the Pixie Dust cost $10. These polishes are a little bit more pricey, but if the polishes I feel are more unique, I will pay a little more for them. If their are three polishes that you want, I think the dream box is more of a value then buying them individual, plus you get a small bottle of remover as well. 

As for the wear of theses polishes, I wear my polish for about a week (Saturday- Friday, for seven days) with a base and top coat. I found that these polishes did last a good while before chipping. I do always get some kind of tip wear no matter what polish I use. As for these polishes, on the second or third day I did see minor tip wear that was very easily touched up. When it comes to wear on the more pricey brands like Zoya, OPI, etc. I personally don't see much of a difference from the cheaper brands. I think really they chip around the same amount. I also touch up my nails every other day to every day (depending on the chipping.)   

 Hope everyone enjoyed this Zoya dream box and polishes.

See you next time for my next design tutorial! 


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